June 5th 2021 Wanzhou 5.0 Postcrossing Meetup, CHINA

:world_map: PROVINCE: ChongQing
:world_map: CITY: Wanzhou District
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Guanyinqiao Post Office
:calendar: DATE: June 5th
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
Bring your own stamps and stationery, write postcards to others, and meet new friends.
Our 4 kinds of meetup postcards are shown below:

Postcard 1: Photography of Great Wanzhou Waterfall. It’s one of most famous attractions of Wanzhou District.

Postcard 2: An illustration of washing cloths over the Yangtze River, it shows the ordinary peple’s life.

Postcard 3: Photography of Lake SaiLiMu in Xinjiang. There are many wild swans living by the lake.

Postcard 4: Illustration for Harry Potter.


Hoping to swap with the harry potter postcard :heart_eyes:

You can exchange with our group member,
can I check your offer please?

Phelps Kwok

Can i send the photo via your email ? I can attach photos here…

That’ ok, my e-mail account is 1040069544@qq.com

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Hi! Any chance to swap for the waterfall postcard? :slight_smile:
Many greetings from Germany!

Sure, please show me your offers. Thanks.

hello, I haven’t receive your offer mail yet?
do you still want to exchange?

Hello, may I swap for your Harry Potter card? :slight_smile:

My offers in Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lushan_swap/

页面怎么显示的是Wanzhou (Guangdong Sheng)


页面 是一个超链接

Hi! I’m interested in swap on postcard with Harry Potter
There is my swap albums

OK, I like this card.
Let’s exchange our address in private messages!

I think this one is nice!

Pm sent

Hi, can i swap on Harry card?
I cam offer from out meet up/

Sorry but I don’t like these 2 cards.
is there any other postcard about scenery, church, mosque?
I like above things!
besides, tourist attraction or speical architectures of your country is also nice!

Writte you in a private message

I would like to receive a postcard with a waterfall. Who can you change with?