July 31,2022 TAIZHOU meeting in CHINA

:world_map: CITY: TAIZHOU
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: KFC, Taizhou jiaojiangdong business district
:calendar: DATE: July 31,2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: Eat crayfish together, then find a coffee shop to write postcards, and then send them out

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Introduction to the business card of the 11th Taizhou League

  1. Road and Bridge illustrator: Liang Chen (resident station cool)
    This picture shows the famous scenic spot of road and bridge, Shili long street, and the Renfeng tower on Shibin mountain. The only airport in Taizhou is located in the road and bridge area, which constitutes the illustration of the road and bridge area.
  2. Road and Bridge word slice
    The road and bridge area faces the sea behind the mountains, with low mountains and hills alternating with plains; The river courses are vertical and horizontal, the water network is dense, and the Jinqing water system runs through the whole territory. The coast is tortuous, and the total length of the continental coastline is 26 kilometers; There are many harbors, and Jianmen port is a natural deep-water port; The islands are dotted with 15 islands, including Huangjiao, Baiguo mountain, daoshiguan and so on; The shallow sea beach is broad and vast, covering an area of 21.33 square kilometers. The soil is fertile and rich in products. It is a nationally famous hometown of citrus and loquat.
  3. Jiaojiang citizen square
    The citizens’ Square is a place for citizens to meet, which can accommodate 50000 people. On the back is the Great Hall of the people under construction, and in front of it is the waterscape “trunk water curtain” and “triple waterfall”. The main body of the cultural square is a flat and open triangular lawn and a triangular large area of shallow water. The central axis and both sides are boulevards, which are important places for citizens’ leisure activities. Taizhou citizen’s Square is a good place integrating “mountain scenery, water color and sky color”, with endless elegance in its simplicity.
  4. Wenling inlaid cake
    As the “giant” of the breakfast industry, countless Wenling people range from snacks to large. Wenling filling cake (Fang Yanyin: “giae3 gau5”), written in white, is a unique traditional cake snack in Wenling. It is a custom in the south of Wenling City. On the 15th day of October in the lunar calendar, there is also the custom of making “filling cakes” in the countryside. This day is the ancient “Xia Yuan Festival”.

1.路桥插画 作者:良尘(常驻站酷)


市民广场是市民集会的场所,可容纳5万人开会,背面是筹建中的人民大会堂,前面有水景"干线水帘"和"三叠瀑布"。 文化广场主体为平整开阔的三角形草坪和三角状大面积浅水,中轴线和两侧是林荫道,是市民们休闲活动的重要场所。台州市民广场是一个融"山色、水色、天色"为一体、质朴中蕴含无尽风采的好去处。

作为早餐业的"巨头",无数温岭人从小吃到大。温岭馅糕(方言音:“giae3 gau5”),俗写白字作温岭夹糕,温岭嵌糕,是温岭特有的传统糕类小吃。温岭城南习俗,在农历十月十五这天农村还有做"馅糕"的习俗,这天是古老的"下元节"。

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