Juliets Club in Verona, Italy - Experience?

Dear Postcrossers,

who of you has already had experience with the Juliets Club in Verona, Italy?

I’m already considering trying my luck just to get a few words of encouragement and advice on the subject of love.

Maybe it will help me that I finally find happiness in love this year…
I also like to write letters and postcards…

I just dare to try… :hugs:


Good morning Postcrosser,

I will send my long letter to Juliet tomorrow.

Please wish me luck that the letter is not too many days in the journey to Italy and I firmly believe that even I will get an answer to my questions.

I will of course let you know if anything comes up!

Please stay healthy everyone! :hugs:

Hi @Destination_Anywhere!

I’m happy to read about this post. Last year in December, the movie - Letters to Juliet popped out of my mind and I thought of watching it again for the second time. I really did not know that the Juliet Club exists. It just so happened that I got curious about the place and Googled it after watching the movie. Then their website was on top of the search list. I went through their website and I learned that everyone can write to them either using snail mail or an e-mail. I decided to write something to them.

Since most of went through a challenging time for the last 2 years, I thought that I’ll try writing something that is not really about love or a relationship. I wrote my own story and my idea was something about changing the perception of the society about people that doesn’t prioritize being in a relationship or just simply seeing them happy with their lives being single.

I couldn’t remember all the exact words I wrote in my letter to be honest, but it was a long letter. I also did not expect a reply from them because according to their statics, they are receiving up to 50, 000 letters per year from all over the world. My original intention was to just share something that is isn’t just talking about meeting someone, falling in love, being in a relationship and getting married. So, yeah, this is the overview of what I sent to them.

I was surprised to receive a letter from them. Actually, I received a bunch of letters and postcards on that day, but their envelope stood out. I was elated and got excited to open and read it. You know those words of encouragement made me feel better and relieved at the same time. There was also a second surprise at the end of their letter. They opened an opportunity for me and I’m currently working on it together with another person who is involved in their upcoming project. I met with this person yesterday and I got a kind of an impromptu interview. I won’t share the details yet as there are confidentialities in it. Let’s just say that I’m glad to be able to contribute something positive to this project. I wish this person all the best in his project.

It’s really a humbling experience for me and I can say that snail mails are indeed magical. It connects people to great lengths. I hope that you will also get a reply from them soon!

Always stay safe and have a great week! :smiling_face: :heart_decoration:


Hello everyone,

today my letter arrived at the Juliet Club in Verona.

I was particularly pleased and, to be honest, surprised when I found a photo of envelopes on the Juliet Club page on Facebook and Instagram. My envelope is at the top of the photo :blush:

Please keep your fingers crossed that an answer will come back at some point :hugs:


I volunteered at the Juliet Club in early December and it was a really lovely experience. I’d highly recommend it to anyone even if you don’t think you can write, or don’t know how to write about love.

The letters I responded to were varied… high school students being taught Shakespeare’s R&J, wedding wishes and those seeking for answers.

My bf actually proposed at the end of the session :pleading_face:


I’m still waiting for an answer but I don’t give up there will be an answer for me as well… :slightly_smiling_face: