Japanese ESL students searching for a letter exchange

Hello there!

I have a small class of younger students aged between 10~12 years old, who are interested at meeting other students of a similar age from around the world. I’ve offered to help them.

A few things about our school; we’re based in Japan, the students are learning English as an extracurricular activity, student levels vary but for the most part are still around beginner level. Students have expressed an interest in other countries schools, daily lives and general cultural differences e.g food, weather, festivals.

I would prefer them to set up some kind of exchange with a single school or a few schools, so that I can bundle their letters together.

If you are interested in setting up a penpal exchange, please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards.



How many students are they?

This sounds interesting!! Please save a letter for us. :slight_smile:
I’m planning a penpal project for students (around 60, not so sure about the number yet) next semester, which begins from the middle of Feb.
Here is my plan.

  1. My students will make one side of the postcard based on one topic, leave the other side blank, and send them as a package to your school.
  2. Your students can write or draw something on the blank page based on the same topic we made as a reply. If possible, you can extend another topic for next postcard and we reply on the next postcard. Or, we can generate another topic on the next card. And so on.

The main goal of this project is for students to communicate with the same person for around 2-3 months, including the postal service time. My students are senior high school students, but they just begin to practice writing, so writing easy English is perfect for them. Moreover, they are interested in Japanese culture.

This is my plan for finding penpals for my students. and I’m open to any discussion.

Thank you.

Jialin from Taiwan


I hope you are well.

At the moment we have around 30 students who are interested in writing letter. Their English levels vary, but they all want to try, which I think is the most important thing. At the moment they are practicing how to write brief self introductions.

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Hello Sophiaso,

Thank you for your reply. Your idea sounds great. I’m sure my students would love to participate in this kind of activity. At the moment they’re practicing writing their introductions, but having questions to answer about Japan will help them to write longer letters.

Thank you for you ideas, and please keep in touch.


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Hi Jason,
Once I get the exact number of students, I will contact you.
Thank you!!


Thanks. I’ll talk with the English teacher of my 12 year old students and see if we can do something.

Hi Jason,
Is your postcrossing program still on the go?
We just began our new semester in Taiwan and we’re ready to write to Japan. I can arrange all my students to make a postcard and write to each of your 30 students. If you’re still interested in the long-term penpal project I mentioned, you can pass me the list of student names. I think we can begin from next week. Also, we can discuss over any adjustment on the project. Thank you!