JAPAN: The international postage rate will be raised,

In Japan, the international postage rate will be raised from October this year.
The price will be raised from 70 yen to 100 yen.

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So sorry to hear this - it’s always a problem with postage rates go up.



Thanks for the update. I live in Japan but hadn’t heard this news. To be fair, I rarely use the 70 yen stamps anyway, since they are so boring. I wonder if the 100 yen stamps will be any better, or will have more variety?

Also, compared to other countries, it’s still really cheap - we will be going from the equivalent of 50 cents (U.S.) to 71 cents.


I’m fearing there will be less cards coming from Japan considering 30 Yen hike is about 42% increment (up from 70 Yen postage rates) or 25% (with postage rates starting at 80 Yen).

100 Yen, there will be more choice for stamps selection for sure.


Maybe cost 70 yen send a card just in Japan. For now is 64 yen in Japan, global is 70 yen. If 70 yen in Japan, global is 76 yen or 80 yen?
And send a letter is 84 yen in Japan, global is 90 yen. If global is 100 yen, maybe cost 90 or 94 yen in Japan.

When did the last time they raised the postage rate?
I read that movie ticket price in Japan increased for the first time in 2019 after 26 years :smile:

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Deflation has been a real killer here ever since the bubble burst in the early 90s. In some ways it’s good, because salaries haven’t increased in decades either (seriously, my students who graduate from uni will earn the same salary as their parents or grandparents did - but with rising costs it actually has them living below the poverty line, whereas previous generations could get married and buy a house within a few years of starting a new job - that’s almost impossible now for most). Stamp prices are incredibly low, drinks (500ml bottle) are about $1, as are basic chocolate bars, etc. Yet in so many other places the costs are 2-3-4x times that amount! I live well enough on my salary here in Japan but would struggle if I lived in almost any other Global North country.


The Japan Post issued a statement saying that the number of stamp types for International Correspondence Week has been reduced and that regular stamps should be used.
Special stamps for what?
I am very disappointed.


So what I am reading is the postage will increase to 100 yen for October 1 World Postcard day? If so, I will try to buy some 84 yen stamps and a couple others to make 16 yen for the 100 yen new postage. Thanks.

Hi, do you know how much the postage rate would be for sending a standard sized letter from Japan to the US?

An airmail letter to the US is Y140 up to 25 g.