It's not my name on the card

Hello, tell me usually everything comes well, but once I received a postcard with my address, but the name and surname are not mine, I thought it was a mistake.But today it happened again, what could it be?


Check your name in your address field.
Maybe you accidentally changed it.

If you live in a block of flats/multiple residency, it could be that someone else in your residence is a Postcrosser too.


It’s also possible that the sender was preparing multiple cards at the same time & got the names mixed up when they wrote them.


if you can’t register it it’s not for you, and you maybe can find an other postcrosser in your building

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Was it an official card with an ID? Or a postcard from the forum? Maybe someone made a mistake with two threads and mixed up the names…

Was it the same name on those cards?

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It’s possible lightning strikes twice. Tell me - when you go to register the cars, what happens?

Also, were the addresses handwritten or printed? I’ve had a few some with printed addresses incorrect, but the card still successfully registered for me.

If it has absolutely no connection to your name, I tend to think that the sender confused the names. Some of us, including myself, like to write several postcards at once, which actually requires careful checking of the postcard details, as otherwise, it can definitely lead to such mistakes.