It's not a postcard

So I’ve only received 14 cards thus far (and I love every one BTW) but today I received in an envelope a piece of printed paper with the card id written on the envelope. In my mind this is not a postcard. In fact, I know it’s not a postcard. It’s a piece of paper from a print shop. What am I to do with this? I don’t feel it should be registered as it’s not a postcard. By registering it I am just enabling this person to send more of these. I joined to get postcards with lovely pictures, messages, stamps and postmarks. Not to receive a piece of paper in an envelope. It’s rather disappointing. Thoughts?


You can contact the Postcrossing team (in the main site under Help -> Contact) and tell them about the item / show pictures of what you received. They can tell you what to do and whether or not you should register it.


Thanks angeleye. I will do that.

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Cute avitar! :wink:

As others have said, contact PostCrossing administration. While the majority of postcard mailers send good cards, you have some cheap stakes here. Thankfully they are in the minority.

If you want some FREE postcards, check out my link and make a request. Best wishes…



Nice Picture/matching What you Like Picture? But Not even a nice Message? That’s sad.

I am too New to give advise What is to do.

I Just Got a Cut Out of Cardboard (Not official, but was supposed to be a real Postcard too) :frowning: Well… i am unhappy with it…

And official i twice Got a folded Card…one Matches exactly What i Like so i really did Not mind…one Well…but The Messages where Always nice!!! And so i did Not mind.
(At that Point i Had Not in my profile that i prefer in envelope. So i was Not misleading Them to folded Card)

I often read postcrossers advice “move on to The next card” and i did. And it does Not Happen too often.

But If you are actually unhappy with it…i suppose The postcrossers that are Here longer are right, you could ask for help

Don’t register it report it
If they sent a scrap of paper in an envelope
That in no could be considered a postcard

When you register a card doesn’t that mean your name will be sent then to another person to send you a card? I think that’s how it works. I wouldn’t like it either but you don’t want to penalize yourself.

I think that when one of your traveling cards arrive, your name is sent to another person. It would mean that, if registered, the sender of this paper would (most likely) receive a real postcard from someone else in return, which I find quite unfair.


It is when a card you send get registered your name goes out

In fact now if it is just a scrap she is cheated out of a card

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Oh. I had it turned around. Thanks for explaining it to me.

Sucks. Another Postcrosser had a similar disappointing experience. Gimme your address and I’ll send you a proper card!

Thanks everyone for your input and card offers. I’ll be in touch. On the bright side, what I love about Postcrossing is this very engaged group on the forums. And of course, all the lovely cards and messages I have received. Can’t wait to send/receive more. It’s so much fun.


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