It's is the season for some cardwriting, indeed: Innsbruck mini-meeting, 26.11.2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Innsbruck/Tirol
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Stiegl Bräu Innsbruck*, Wilhelm-Greil-Str. 25
:calendar: DATE: 26.11.2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 14:00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

(Together with some non-forum-using-postcrossers) I am happy to invite to a (mini)-meeting in Innsbruck again. For a few hours, let’s forget whatever is out there to forget, and have a good time together. #peace_hope_and_dreams)

No big programme, just a good time among fellow postcrossers: some little writing, some exchange about the best shops, some little moaning (and mourning? ;-)) about expired cards.

A meet_up-card will be created start of November.

Everyone’s welcome - if you’re planning to attend (or have any questions), just leave a note here in this thread or send me a message.

*NOTE: pc asks for a location, so here it is. If we need to change the place, it will be published here of course. Stieglbräu is east of Landhausplatz, five minutes walk from Central Train Station.

Für ein paar Stunden alles Vergessenswerte vergessen und eine nette Zeit mit Postkarten und -crosserInnen verbringen. #Friede_Freude_Kartenkuchen

Programm: Kein Stress, 1fach zusammensein mit anderen PostcrosserInnen, ein bisschen Schreiben, ein bisschen Austausch und Tratsch, ein klein wenig jammern (und trauern? :wink: ) über expired Karten u.ä.

JedeR ist herzlich eingeladen, bei Auftauch-Plänen (oder Fragen) bitte einfach hier posten oder Message schicken.

Eine Meeting-Karte wird Anfang November gestaltet.

*ANMERKUNG: Falls wir Lokal wechseln müssen (Öffnungszeiten, Angebote, Personalmangel, …), wird es hier natürlich bekannt gegeben. Das Stieglbräu ist östlich vom Landhausplatz, fünf Minuten vom Hauptbahnhof. Wenn es das Wetter erlaubt, sind wir im Gastgarten-Innenhof.

Happy postcrossing

CoVid-Note: Hopefully not necessary any more/hoffentlich im Rückspiegel dann

Attendees so far (7/20)
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I would like to join

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Hi, I would love to swap a card from your meetup!

I’ll ask the attendants so far, I am sure we will find a partner to swap (as I can always ask myself ;-))

Servus Stefan! Ich werde dabei sein.
SG Herbert

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Hi. I would like to swap a card from your meet-up too. I don’t have a Postcrossing meet-up card, but I might be able to send something that matches the Postcrosser’s preferences. I will be on vacation in another country from Nov 16 to 25. I can send while traveling. Thanks.

Hii I like you swap a card from your meetup cards. And you can swap any other cards from your country, culture ect… Im from India. I will share Indian special cards.

I will ask the attendees during the meetup, I am sure someone is interested in this swap, they should contact you then.

Happy postcrossing

Sure Thank you so much :blush:

Hello! I’d like to ask you is it possible to swap a meetup postcard? Best, Joanna

Here too, I will ask our small group on Saturday, I am sure someone is willing to swap with you.

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Thank you​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hugs:

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Thank you, @Stevyy and co-signers, for the nice meetup card from Innsbruck. :smile:

Some Christmas lightning in Innsbruck/Tirol/AT
Concept/photos/layout: Stevyy


I also received this lovely card from @stevyy . Dankeschön.

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@Stevyy Many thanks for this beautiful meeting card with special stamp! :smile:

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How Special that i get a meeting card from a Meeting in wich I also participated in June 25!!!
Then i was on holiday in Austria and then I went to this Meeting Every one the Best Wishes and special to stevyy Benji was the one that had my address :hugs:

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Servus! Thank you very much @Reisefieber and co-signers for beautiful meetup postcard :slightly_smiling_face:
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

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