Italy, Tuscany, Florence 19-20 November 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Italy, Florence
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: piazza della Repubblica, old city center
:calendar: DATE: 19-20 November 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10 am-18pm
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: we will meet in front of the Poste Italiane Office in Via della Pellicceria, near piazza della Repubblica.
Then we will enjoy a walk through the city, reaching the café/bistro where we’ll have lunch and spend our time signing piles of Postcrossing Meetup Postcards and getting involved in many other writing activities!!

Please note: to reserve your place please contact me as soon as possible as participant number is restricted.
A small entrance fee is also required to book our table.

:love_letter:Bring your pens, stickers, stamps, washi tape, or anything else you use to decorate cards, letters, TN and enjoy youself.:love_letter:

We’re organising a free/swap table where you can give away those cards you know you’ll never use or find the latest additions to your postcard stash. I will update this point if there will be people interested in this activity.

:love_letter:We have meetup cards for sale before the meeting.
This is the postcard design, if you’re interested in purchasing some of them (signed or blank) please contact me!
:love_letter:Please comment for swap requests


I’m interested in swaping

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Hi! Beautiful postcard

. Swap please? I have these:

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Thanks for offer!

I will inform other participants and surely me or someone else will swap with you!


I will have this postcard for swap on the next 26th of November. It’s from a meeting in Faro, Algarve, Portugal and will be signed by all participants.

Anyone want to swap it by your interesting meetup postcard?
Thank you!
Happy postcrossing
Maria João


ok, thank you :slight_smile:

Yes! I’m very Happy to swap with you! Please dm with your address :grinning:

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I’m interested in swaping if it is possible :smiley: @ cyberpaola

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I’m happy ti swap to you

hello if you want we can swap. what do you offer?

Sorry, but l offer a postcard of meeting…

Love to swap

Im new to this. Im interested in swap. Can you please send this cards to me. Surely, I will send return card special about india

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Bellissima quella!
Vorrei scambiare se è possibile :slight_smile:

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hello there!
i’d like to swap.

Hello Andrea I sent my postcard for you

picture removed by moderator because the address was visible
please don’t make personal data public and send photo proofs via PM

Hello Maria I sent my postcard for you
picture removed by moderator because the address was visible

Personally I already have this postcard, so I’m sorry.

If you can show me something else, I will try to find some arranges

Ok, here we are to let you know how beautiful this meetup has been!!!

So many people came to join us in Florence even from very far away!
This is the magic we did all together: taking time, planes, train, make economic and energetic effort just to be together and meet each other!

I’m so satisfied and happy about it!
Thanks to all participants :heart::heart::heart:

Continuo IL racconto in italiano, perché mi è difficile rendere le mie emozioni profonde in inglese. Gli utenti internazionali mi perdoneranno!
Sono davvero contenta e felice, emozionata, elettrizzata, ricaricata, soddisfatta e piena di entusiasmo per cosa siamo riuscite a fare in quel di Firenze.
Due giornate piene di attività, i nostri meeting sono firma cartoline ma molto molto altro!, con tante risate, tanti abbracci e tantissimo calore umano, perché confermiamo ancora una volta : la corrispondenza unisce i cuori!

Grazie a tutti i partecipanti per aver “investito” su questo nostro ideale di meeting e per averlo reso ancora una volta perfetto e realmente possibile!

La prima volta che lo spazio firme era un po’ risicato…26 non sono poche per gli standard italiani! Ma come dico sempre questi sono solo numeri, quel che conta è il cuore.

Alla prossima avventura che spero non tardi ad arrivare!

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