It’s the Great MinaM Postcard Give Away! USA (only)

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Great MinaM Postcard Give Away!! USA (only)
Postcards… oh so many postcard…In March of 2011 I joined Postcrossing. Over this enjoyably long trek I have been fortunate in receiving, finding and purchasing thousands of cards. Now though the time to do some deep purging has arrived. So today i’m offering up some free postcards.
!!!Wait! Free postcards? MinaM did I hear you correctly?!!!
Yes! Indeed you did- I have packed together three lg envelopes, each containing 30 or so postcards.
— 75+ % of these postcards are view cards, mostly outside the USA. The rest are just random themes.
---- All are in nice+ condition. Fine postcards, no garbage.
— None of these pcs are raunchy, gory, political or rude. (I keep those for myself) :blush:
-----Wow! Incredible! ------ I know! There is nothing expected from you in return. You don’t even have to pay for postage!!
If you’re interested all you do is –
1) Reply here in this thread. 2) Send me a massage with your US address ASAP.
**NOTE This fabulous give-away is on a first come, first served basis. I only have 3 stacks to give out. Offer is only available to US addresses
-------- Some of you’ve know me a long while. This is not me abandoning my Postcrossing adventure. I’m only trying to weed out my collection These pcs just need some cool people here (USA) who want some free postcards. The main reason for this give away is I’m so worried they may get too old or damaged before they find a nice loving home.


Yes, Please!
Thank you!

Wow cool!

WOW. Sending PM.

Great! Sending pm

I see that I am a bit too late, but what a wonderful gesture!

Merry Christmas!! :christmas_tree:

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Too late for this but how generous! Happy Holidays!

I also am too late it seems, but want to wish you continued joy and love of Postcrossing. :love_letter::mailbox_with_mail::heart:

Hello, I’m MinaM’s (joyce’s) daughter.
My mother feels so bad for not sending out the cards offered here.
Unfortunately we’ve had a family emergency with my grandmother while she was visiting France. Grandma is well but they are still in FR and internet has been limited.
Long story short she wanted to follow up and say she will mail the envelopes when she comes back home.

Thanks for understanding.
Warm regards, CSA