Isle of Wight Meetup SATURDAY 10th AUGUST 2024

Sat/Sun would be best for me, Late July and/or Mid August would be best for me!

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Let’s say Sat 10th August :slight_smile: @Mundoo please can this be added to the meetup calendar :grinning:


I like the new date, I’ll organise a weekend stay.


@TinyMouse Laura,

I read the thread and not sure of the date is confirmed 10th Aug2024 now?

I ask, as I was going to book accommodation in Sandown but were you thinking of changing location to Ryde?

Smiles Seaview⛅️

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Date is confirmed for Saturday 10th August 2024. I originally floated the idea of a Tuesday in June but we decided to go for a date over the summer holidays. So it will stay as Saturday 10th August 2024.

Briefly considered changing the location to Ryde near many of the ferries/hovercraft but there was a lot of interest in The National Poo Museum in Sandown. It’s a lovely area, with a big sandy beach and a pier. I think it’s only 20 minutes on the train from Ryde and the train itself is an experience as is an overground line but an old London tube carriage.

So yes Saturday 10th August 2024, in Sandown.

Do you know the area well or would you like accommodation recommendations?

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@TinyMouse Laura

Thanks for the info.

I’ll look at some places to stay at but if you have suggestions, please share⛅️smiles Seaview

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I’ve had a good experience in Newport Travelodge but that’s a bus ride away from the meetup.

Sandown looks like it has lots of hotels near to the beach. I’m going over in a few weeks so can always keep an eye out for hotels that look nice and ask my friends who live locally for recommendations.

Shanklin Old Village which is one train stop away is beautiful, it’s full of thatched cottages. That could be a good place to look.

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If anybody finds a good deal for the ferry or hovercraft lets give a shout out.

Hampshire Attraction Vouchers & Offers for Days Out With The Family & Kids has 10% off Wightlink Ferries (day return) and 10% of Red Funnel (vehicle travel) but there may be a better deal out there

HoverTravel ( the hovercraft) have a range of offers on their website including 20% off for Portsmouth Library members. Which appears anybody can join. 20% Discount for Portsmouth Library Members | Hovertravel


I can’t alas attend this meet-up due to other commitments. However, I’m piping up to say that if travelling by train, you can book your ticket from your local station to the relevant station on Island Line, via Portsmouth Harbour station. Your journey on the passenger ferry between Portsmouth Harbour and Ryde Pier Head would then be included in your fare.


@chrisbonham11 Chris thanks for sharing info and hope to see you at another meetup.

I tried looking at National Rail app and does indeed show that ferry included in the journey planner. Just it doesn’t show price.

Thanks again for the tip.

Please share your address and will make sure you get a meet up postcard

Smiles :partly_sunny: Seaview

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English Heritage members Reward
Book ferry travel to the Isle of Wight with Wightlink and save 20% on tickets for foot passengers or 15% on tickets for cars.
Save 15% on RED FUNNEL ferry travel to Isle of Wight.

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@TinyMouse unfortunately I’ll not be able to attend this meeting.

Oh No! It won’t be quite the same without you. But I’ll see you at the York and Corfe Castle meetups.

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See you soon :sparkling_heart:

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@Maddymail @Bayrisches-Madl @seaview

While if the weather is nice we have the use of the front and back gardens of the museum to meet and write our postcards. I’m starting to research indoor locations we can use to sign our cards and perhaps grab some food. I’ve focused on places where we will be able to see the beach and sea.

  1. The nearest place seems to be Finns Beach Cafe - Fins Beach Cafe | Sandown | Facebook While this has some cover I’m not sure if it has truly inside space.

  2. Then near Sandown Pier is The Beach Cafe The Beach Cafe | Sandown | Facebook This has views of the pier and seems to have large windows

  3. There is a cafe on the pier itself but I can’t find much information about it

  4. Hope for good weather and use the museum gardens

  5. Or somewhere else - let me know your suggestions within Sandown :slight_smile:

This week I am going to visit the Isle of Wight so may be able to poop (opps! no pun intended thanks for spotting @jobloggs) I’ll pop in to reserve us a table for wherever we choose


@TinyMouse I’m not sure if the end of your message is a typo or a pun based on the meet location :poop: :rofl:

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Thanks @TinyMouse Laura for seeking locations.

Good luck when you check them out.

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opps! :rofl: a non intentional pun :poop:

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Hello TinyMouse and everyone - thank you for inviting me to this event. It will be the first Meetup I have been to.

Since I live on the Isle of Wight, let me know if there is any information or arrangement I can help with. (e.g. checking out possible places for refreshments … I feel some onerous research coming on! ;))

I would like 10 of the meetup cards, please, and would be happy to swap with someone if needed (if I understand correctly that this means sending a meetup postcard to someone requesting it?)

The National Poo Museum are a good bunch - for some years I helped organise a schools science festival and the Poo Museum were a very popular exhibitor with the kids!



Welcome @SimonGardner

It will be fun to meet an Isle of Wight postcrosser