Is this allowed on a profile?

I was assigned a Postcrosser to send a card to, but I noticed their biography was not in English, just Dutch. I’m pretty sure the site’s primary language is English, so I did use the contact form about it. I decided I could still send her a card and translate her profile with Google Translate. However, I also noticed that all of her “received” photos show the back of the cards with the messages instead of the front of the cards. I’m not comfortable with publicly displaying the back of my cards. Yes - I know, postcards travel with the backs exposed so everyone can read them, haha. Is that allowed? I was just wondering if anyone had advice or if there was a mod I could talk to. Thanks!


I would not be comfortable at all about my messages being visible on a Postcrossers wall.


While the profile in another language is not exactly against the rules (while not encouraged), the backsides of cards on the wall definitely are (against the rules).

Please report this to the admins via the contact form.


Actually, both of these things are against the rules. Profiles must include a version in English, as well! So definitely the OP should get in contact with the admin team and we’ll take it from there. (But they should still send a postcard, of course.) :slight_smile:


I used the contact form a few hours ago but I wasn’t sure what category it fell under… I think I ended up choosing “Accounts and Profiles” and then “Changing profile, avatar, etc…”. Is that the best place to report it? Should I send a second form? I just now noticed them posting the back of cards when I had originally only contacted them in regards to the non-English bio.


The section doesn’t matter too much, in my experience, because it all comes to the same place – but whoever handles the email may not know about this thread, so it’s best to send in another email to add the part you noticed about them posting the back of cards. Thanks!


Ha. It seems that they are going totally opposite of all the PC rules. First of all, we shouldn’t share any addresses(back of cards) and we should write everything in English(or/and with translation). You should visit the contact form like mentioned by delenn_mir. I would also not be comfortable with personal messages on my wall to be publicly viewed.


I submitted a second contact form! Thank you for the advice.


Really? I checked the FAQ (quickly) and only found “make sure to write it in English” and “English is the safest option” in a different place. Nothing that the profile MUST have an English version.

Perhaps this is because I am not a native speaker but both these quotes do not mean (to me) that I would be doing something really wrong if I had my profile in a different language.

I do know, and it has been discussed many times in the forum, that other language profiles are not welcome but I have always thought they weren’t srtictly forbidden (and that would “against the rules” mean to me).

But anyway, this is getting a bit off-topic.


One more question for you. Is it safe to send a card or should I wait for staff to sort out the account?

Wait on it


Really! When a non-English profile is reported, we get in contact with the person to help them add an English version. You can find the rule in the community guidelines, in the last section. :slight_smile:

Use English.
In order for others to understand you, please use English in your profile, comments, etc.

Hope that helps!

You can go ahead and send the card. Most likely, the member doesn’t realise that they shouldn’t upload the address side, and once we let them know (and delete the ones they’ve already uploaded), they’ll stop doing so. Of course if they do it again, you can just let the admins know and we’ll sort it out… but it’s pretty much always that people just haven’t realised.


Thank you so much! You’ve been very helpful.

I would send…will take 2+ weeks to arrive anyway, plenty of time for admins to notify them

The incorrect images have been removed and the member is being contacted about their profile.

Postcrossing Team


Not on this topic. May I ask why a postcrossing participant can allow in his profile to write about who can or who cannot send him postcards. I got a profile where I had to send a postcard, and it was written there - which category of people should not send and write to him. What is this? And if everyone chooses who can write to him or not, what will happen?

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You should report them to the admins as well, because demanding who can and who can not send them postcards is definitely against the rules.

They are in no position to choose such thing because their address is sorted and given randomly.


Thanks for the reply. It was in January. And I wrote to the admins. But they didn’t answer me. Therefore, I took a pause for reflection and temporarily closed my main profile in Postcrossing. While I’m chatting on the forum.

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I’ll add more. I am not against the fact that in some profiles they express their position, as many people, as many opinions, views, and so on. (although this site is just for exchanging postcards around the world, it brings people closer together). But writing about who exactly should not write to them, and dividing everyone into at least two opposite communities, is unacceptable.


Sometimes it takes time, but they have always eventually answered.
Also you can write about this to the profile owner in a friendly way, but of course sometimes it’s best the postcrossing team deals with this type of stuff.

I’m sure they will change the profile.

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