Is there any way to get contact information of a postcrosser? (Attempt to contact my penpal in Ukraine)

Not sure if it’s proper to contact Postcrossing official website so try to discuss in forum first. Hope someone will have better idea for this kind of issue.

I have a penpal from Ukraine and we’ve been swapping cards for 9 years. It’s a very wonderful experience chatting with her.
I received her last message in late Feb. and no update from her since then. Her last login to Postcrossing was also 3 months ago. I’m really worried about her but couldn’t think of any way to contact her. Understand the current situation there might not be easy to find someone there but I just hope to make sure she’s okay.

Is there more/unpublished information on Postcrossing official site like phone number or the contact information of their relatives? My penpal mentioned her niece many times and I know her sister/niece lives outside of Ukraine. I was thinking maybe I can try to contact her sister/niece. However, all I have is only the first name of her niece & some photos from years ago. That’s not enough for me to find her on website. (Not sure if her niece participates in Postcrossing or not.)

Do you think I should contact Postcossing official site for this?
If there’s other suggestion of where or how to find someone abroad, it’s also highly appreciated.

(I know it’s probably not a common topic to discuss here. Thank you all for reading this message :pray:)


No, there isn’t. To exchange postcards, there’s no need to keep contact information for relatives.
And if you asked the admins to get the address to the member themselves, you’d get a no. Private information isn’t given out. So there’s no point in asking for private information.

You can contact Red Cross.


I understand your sorrow about the wellbeing of your penpal!

But for a project like Postcrossing the protection of private data is (and has to be) crucial… I hope that you’ll get in contact with your friend again.


Here in Germany there is a leaflet for finding people in Ukraine.
It’s only written in German, but maybe it can help you too.
And maybe something like that exists for your country too.

Tracing Service of the Ukrainian Red Cross
Any person or authority can contact the Tracing Service of the Ukrainian Red Cross in Ukrainian, Russian or German.
Address: Wul. Puschkinska 30, 01024 Kiew
Tel.: 00380 44 235 01 57; 0 800 332 656

“Ukrainian, Russian or German.” maybe you can ask in English too.

Or you ask at the Embassy of Taiwan/China in Ukraine:


No.32, Grushevskogo Str.


Website URL

Good Luck!


Do u have her phone number?

I can imagine you’re worried about your penpal!

Did you already send her a message via the Postcrossing site (not via the forum)?
This will generate an email in her mailbox. If you put your email address in the message she can contact you without having to log in to Postcrossing or send a card.
Fingers crossed that she’s able to access her email of course.

In this way no one has to give you private information, but you can contact her via email.


I also think you should attempt to send a message through her profile. Just click on the blue “send message” button in the top right corner of the written part of her profile. She probably hasn’t logged into Postcrossing because she’s too busy/stressed to send cards, and isn’t receiving any to register. When you send a message it goes straight to her email, which is likely still getting checked.

You could also try sending a card letting her know you are worried - maybe she has left the country but has a neighbor getting the mail for her, who could pass your message along.

Good luck, I hope she’s okay!


Thank you all for your kind suggestion. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yes, I’ve already sent her several messages via Postcrossing website during these months. Also sent emails to her private email address, but…no response.
I don’t have her phone number as we didn’t expect we would need to contact via phone one day. When I asked her last time, she was still in Mariupol…so maybe neither a call or a card can reach her now. :cry:

I will try those websites regarding finding people. Hope to find positive information there.

Thanks again for your help.

Any updates?

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My penpal finally replied my emails yesterday (after 4 full months)!!!
My friend and her parents are fine.

Thank you very much for every one of you that left positive messages here. :heart_hands:



That’s wonderful news. Thanks for updating us.

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That’s great news :+1:

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