Is there an "UP" button planned for the bottom of pages?

Hello, I like the new forum a lot, but I keep looking for an UP button at the bottom of pages, and of course, it’s not there… :smile: Or have I missed it? Any plans to add one?

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If you click the date ontop of the navigation bar you’ll be guided directly to the first post. In this topic it’s the Oct 25


Thank you. I see now that works on a page that has a date column.

Or click the title of the post on the top of the page.


Thank you. That works on this page, too, but not all of them, such as the list of tags where you run into a link to add a new tag. :smile: If all else fails, I can just scroll up. And clicking on Postcrossing takes me back to the menu, but I don’t always want to go that far.

Thank you for the helpful hints, @Speicher3 and @nekelin.

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@PamUSAOhio I have not used this at the computer but at mobile you can see at the right down corner blue number of message you are on and how many there are totally. For example 17/83. If you click that blue space you can jump to message or date you choose. If you want up just choose number 1.

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If you cannot see the scrollbar, you can also just type #1 on your computer to get to the first post.


Thank you, @Silpa and @reisegern for the very helpful hints. :smile:

When you delete the last number in the https, you also go the the beginning of the topic.