Is there a way to know the name of the sender before register a postcard?


I am new to this great Postcrossing adventure and I have a beginner question:

Sometimes, I can not read the name signed on a postcard so, when I want to register a postcard and write a kind message to the sender, I would like to know what is his-her name instead of only say “Hi!”.

Is there a way to access her/his profile with the number?


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Not with the number no. (afaik)

Unless they give their postcrossing ID, you won’t know until you register it. But don’t worry about it. The “hurray!” message is more important. Yes a name would be good, but they won’t mind if you don’t use their name.

Relax about such things, enjoy the postcards! :slight_smile:

As one of my late friends often said, “don’t sweat the small stuff” meaning, don’t worry about the little things.


Welcome to the forum @amievie

No, it is not possilble.

Please read this topic See the name or user name of the sender when entering postcard number

I close here now because there is no need to discuss about that on 2 places :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy Postcrossing !

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That’s not a good tip.

Names and other clues that indicate identity should not be published if possible, although sometimes it cannot be avoided.

Here is the rule about that

Besides, the topic is not meant to decipher names, but the text of the cards.

So please @amievie don’t use this Topic for decipher names.

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Whoops :see_no_evil: I saw another member doing so and hence thought it was okay.

Deleting my post