Is there a way to just send postcards within your country

Is there a way to just send postcards within your country on Postcrossing? I can’t afford to keep sending international postcards…

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Not for official cards, but you can find people to swap with here on the forum.

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I thought I remembered from when I signed up you could check ‘your country only’ for official cards. I didn’t join forum for years.
Although I like getting cards from around the world, I definately see how, as I send several a day now with official, RRs and Tags too, it can get expensive quickly.
I may one day sadly have to resort to changing mine to US only for a time, or discipline myself to slow down. (I’m Allowed 18 officials at a time now)

You can check that you want to send and receive from your country but there is no option for just your country
It is In setting under profile

Otherwise you can use the forum for US swaps only


There may be a trick:

You can try and check the two options: sent and receive from on country and repeated countries.

US is one of those countries, that often shows up in with repeated countries. But also Germany and Russia are often here.

With a bit luck, you may get more US adresses.


That’s not correct. You can choose to also send to your own country, together with all the others, or not to send within your country at all.

It is true that if that country is the USA and you also have repeated countries on, at least 1/3 of your cards will go to the USA.


I suggest that you check out the Round Robins and tags on the North American forum,

You will definitely exchange cards repeatedly with some people, but I consider that an advantage as you get to know them that way. Of course, I miss international connections by sticking mostly to this forum.


You can pull one name a month which doesn’t guarantee you ‘ll get someone in USA

Another idea, You can start a thread for a particular USA swap. Just don’t ask me how!:thinking:

I agree it is costly, but pace yourself.

Anyhow, although we are close neighbors, let me know if you want to swap!

You start with only a few postcards as a starter and can choose to also receive and send from your own country. Check your profile and settings!
I had 3 or 5 a month in the beginning and now I have 14 a month, but I do send more or less once a month all my postcards. You choose your pace, because that will also decide how much you will receive. Receive one address if that is all you can effort. Only receiving will also goes slowly…
Maybe you can save some money by making your own postcards. Check the topics about self-made postcards. I started to do this, because I like it a lot to be creative! You can check Pinterest too.
Better to be happy with a few postcards to send and to receive what will be in your budget.
H🙃ppy Postcrossing❣