Is my handwriting really that bad …

… or are postcards sent from Germany to China via Chile?
Some German stamps have a QR code for tracking. A few days ago I’ve sent a postcard to China. I guess they are not being routed over Chile to reach China? My handwriting seems to be illegible. :pensive:
That means it will go to Chile and then on it‘s way to China or right in the bin?

BTW … I‘ve sent 8 postcards to China in total since 2019 and there wasn‘t any loss even I don‘t print the address in Chinese characters.

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Your handwriting clearly says China, so I don’t know what happened there. Maybe it’s only an error in the app?
I have only tried these QR Codes recently, but from a batch I sent out two seem to be stuck, which is weird as the other ones have already been sent to their destinations, so maybe there are still some technical errors?

But even if it gets sent to Chile, it should get redirected on arrival. I have already received stickers saying “Missent to ‘country’” on my incoming mail, so I think they just mail it on. Just wait a bit and see whether it gets registered! My letters to Chile have been rather slow, so it might take a while going there and then to China.

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Sometimes it happens! But they will eventually arrive (only taking longer). It has nothing to do with your handwriting!

Sometimes they don’t get scanned. So when the status hasn’t updated, it doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been already processed :see_no_evil:


The receiver might be happy because it has “missent to Chile”
Some people collect “missent” card and envelope.


Yes, I thought so, because out of six, two just stopped updating :sweat_smile: But other than that I think it’s quite a nice feature!

Here are some interesting “missent” adventures:


It used to be, you would send a postcard or letter and forget about it until you get a reply. With online tracking, now we can worry about it more! I’ve seen the tracking show mail go all over the place yet still arrive in a reasonable time. Or never get tracked and never delivered. Last week we had a furniture delivery and the service had tracking of the truck. While they were at our house, the tracking showed the truck 54 miles away, past our city from where it had been!

Maybe the problem is not with your (bad???) writing but someone else’s bad reading skills.

Or a machine reads it and for some reason doesn’t read the rest of the word, maybe some other mail covering it.

I have received cards with very illegible handwriting, mail missent to Thailand etc. so I wouldn’t worry.
Let’s hope the receiver gets an extra post mark and likes it :slight_smile: