Is it easy to find stamps and send postcards from Iceland?

Hi everybody!
I will go to Iceland :iceland: this summer and I would love to send postcards from there. Is it difficult to find postcards, stamps and letter boxes at least in the capital or in the airport?
Thanks for your help.


I visited in both 2018, 2019/2020 and had no issues finding touristy postcards along with artist/illustrated ones. I mailed directly from post offices outside of Reykjavik. Staff spoke English and were able to get me the correct stamps (I was mailing back to the US, so needed “outside of Europe” rate). I remember the post office in Hveragerði carrying postcards. Lots of tourist shops in Reykjavik so finding them should not be hard at all.

Some of the cards I bought I ended up framing and hanging in my house, as they were funny illustrations of Icelandic culture and life.


I’ve been to Iceland twice and sent postcards from there both times. It was very easy to find postcards and stamps each time, especially at the well-known tourist attractions. I was able to buy postcards AND stamps there. There were also postboxes, but I can’t remember exactly where I posted the postcards back then and whether the postboxes were easy to find, but I’m sure someone else can give you more information.


I just returned from Reykjavík today and it’s very easy to find nice and beautiful postcards and stamps in Reykjavík at least. Every souvenir shop and book shop sell them. Postcards range from 100 ISK - 180 ISK in general and stamps to Europe and outside Europe cost 330 ISK and 420 ISK respectively. Unfortunately, souvenir shops and book shops sell them at a higher price (385 ISK and 475 ISK). And there isn’t much of a variety. :frowning: The postboxes of the Icelandic post Pósturinn are red. :postbox:

At the Keflavík International Airport there is one postbox by the baggage drop desks and in Reykjavík I stayed at a hotel in Laugavegur (the main shopping street) and there is one postbox along Laugavegur.


Wow, that’s new… is that even legal? Where did this happen to you? I was always buying my stamps along Skólavörðustígur (the street to the famous church) and never experienced this. Only thing was that the big bookshop there always seemed to be out of “within Europe” stamps :smile:

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I bought stamps at a Woolcano souvenir shop and the Penninn Eymundsson book shop with longer opening hours in Laugavegur. I also saw one other souvenir shop advertising stamps with higher prices than what they cost in reality.