Irish stamps 🇮🇪

Hi! I moved to Ireland last year and so I don’t have any old stamps with gum accumulated. I very thoroughly searched AnPost, found a lot of broken links at the website, reported them, got them fixed :smile:
However, the only gum stamps available for sale are some leftovers of flowers and commemorative N and W.

Irish postcrossers, what do you do? Use self adhesive stamps? These ATM labels? Maybe I can find some older ones in Dublin?

I started collecting stamps not so long ago, and it makes me very sad to see that some countries provide a wide variety of X cents stamps with dozens of possible combinations, and AnPost has 3 flowers, N and W.

If I use 2 N stamps, it is 2,70 which is 0.50€ more then needed. Seems little, but for each 5 cards I could have send one more if I hadn’t overpaid.

Any solutions, or ATM is all we have?

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I’m not sure how much help, I can offer, but thoroughly interested in Irish Stamps.

I can’t remember where I read this and if I can find the link I will share, but I believe AnPost sometime earlier this year or late last year discontinued Gummed Stamps and made all their stamps Self-Adhesive.

As for make up stamps, I also have been looking and have a feeling that they have been discontinued.

When in Dublin last year, the GPO was going to issue me some 95c SOAR labels (stamp labels with monetary value and pictorial design on them) for the make up of international value alongside the N stamps.
I was kindly directed to the Philatelic counter across the hall, where they had a variety of current and older stamp issues, including special and flower/animal Definitives to use in conjunction with N and W stamps.

I was sold a sheet of 95c Purple Loosestrife stamps when I purchased a few books of the Valentine’s ‘Gra’ stamps.

From reading other experience, away from Dublin’s GPO it may be harder to obtain special stamps at other post offices, may be worthwhile to give the Philatelic department a phone call?


Here’s the link for the self-adhesive AnPost stamps going forward

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Thank you for sharing your GPO experience, that´s exactly what I wanted to know. I will try GPO when I happen to be in Dublin next time. It´s 4 hours drive from where I live, so unfortunately I can´t visit it often. I don´t like SOARs, so I´m trying to get some “normal” stamps. :slight_smile:

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I got some old stamps on ebay, and some of them look like this: they have a number and then another number with “c” which i guess means cents.

I asked my post office, they have never seen those before and were completely unaware even of the fact that I can not only send modern N and W stamps, but combine stamps with different values :roll_eyes:

So I wonder if anyone knows why these stamps have 2 sets of numbers, if they are still valid for postage, and if the value is the number that has “c” to it.

Thank you!


I guess these are a semi-postal issue - stamps sold at above face-value (38c & 57c) to raise money for charity/cause. These stamps are from 2001, the Christmas issue.

I assume they’ll be still valid for postage, 30c & 45c.

Got an answer on the stamps forum. As I suspected, these are dual value stamps that were used in a year when Ireland switched from Pounds to Euros.

Unfortunately, they are not valid any more for postage:

I am mildly disappointed, especilly because they do have value in cents, so why not to use them, but I will use them as souvenirs :blush:


I was just about to ask if the old Irish Pound/Punt currency stamps would be valid, but you have kindly answered that question, a shame really as they are beautiful stamps :slightly_frowning_face:

Good news, AnPost has just answered that they are indeed valid! I will use them for one card and see if it reaches the destination


Looking at older stamps, the smaller than £1 value on stamps didn’t have a p for penny.

Looks like I was wrong in my earlier post; the stamps show the value in two currencies. 30p/38c, 45p/57c

Please let us know if it reaches its destination. I’m interested in buying some older stamps too. a lot of the current stamps are ugly and I’d like to be able to use multiple stamps on a postcard.

Will do, I´ve just sent a postcard to a friend today and used only these double-value stamps, so we´ll know in a couple of weeks.

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Hello All,

I was in Dublin yesterday for a mini-postcrossing meetup and visited the GPO and purchased these make-up stamp values, from the philatelic counter.

The 95c ones I had left over from last years visit, the kind lady behind the counter had drawers full of these flower definitives in various rates in sheets of 100, and she kindly tore off what I requested,
Some rates such as 3c there where down to their last couple of sheets.

I hope they don’t mind me tagging them, but speaking with @ned44440 @kodzos @LyndaC1980 there won’t be any reprints once these sell out and the GPO Dublin philatelic counter is only place that sells them.

I have noticed that they are back up on AN Post website, but not all rates, I assume these ones are in plentiful supply.

I guess going forward in the future, these will be your only option for make up stamp values.


Guys, until Christmas some of the old stamps are still available if you call AnPost by phone. 01-7057171
I ordered Emojis, Shop fronts, bees, and Castles. I am planning to order more Emojis, leave me a couple of sheetlets if you are going to order.
Just next week if anyone is interested! Ask for Rita.



Hello :hugs:
I would like to ask just in advance before my travel to Dublin, Ireland
where can I find postage and how much does it cost to send a postcard internationally ? I already changed into travel mode not to forget since I’m not sure how busy I will be .
I will be there only for the weekend and since I will travel with friends I’m not sure if I will be able to visit a post office ( can I buy stamps also from bookstores/stationary stores or not ? ) As well how much does it cost so in the case the post office is closed just to put it in the mail box
I saw that the An Post, General Post Office ( O’Connell Street Lower, North City, Dublin 1, D01 F5P2, Ireland ) is open on Saturday but I’m not sure if I will be able to go there yet
Also I would like to ask maybe for a recommendation what to visit ( I do have a big list already but I’m open to suggestions :slight_smile: )
Thank you :bowing_woman:


Hello there,

Postage prices from Ireland :ireland: are:

Domestic within Ireland : €1.35 (stamps marked with an ‘N’)
Internationally: €2.20 (stamps marked with a ‘W’)

I assume you are arriving at Dublin Airport, if you arrive into Terminal 2 (Aer Lingus and all the posh full service airlines) there is a Spar supermarket as you exit the arrivals hall on the left, at the tills where all the chocolate bars are kept are the books of stamps, they have both domestic and international books of definitives and some specials stamps books.

I am sure book and stationary shops such as Easons will have books of stamps, but you must try and visit the General Post Office ‘GPO’ it is a tourist attraction in its own right, take your friends with you, it is like going back to the 1920’s, apart from being a working post office, it is a museum too.
The Philatelic counter is on the right as you walk through the main door, very friendly team too.


Ireland increased its postage prices on the 1st February 24

Domestic is now €1.40
International Frozen at €2.20

You should consider using self-adhesive stamps or exploring philatelic shops in Dublin for a wider selection of stamps to match your postage needs and interests.