Irish Postcrossers - free cards, need to be collected in Dublin


I am moving to another country and unfortunately will need to part with my blank postcards. They are free to take, as long as they are being collected. I dont have the time to ship them. I am located in North Dublin.

There are 1000s of them…
Some of the topics are here : Collection: Collection

Please PM if interested, even if you only want to take some of the cards.



wish I was in there :sweat_smile:

@cursus_honorum :eyes:

Such a pity I’m not in Ireland… to pick them up… the hobbit Maximum cards, so many amazing Zoo cards… my heart is breaking T.T - However I hope all your cards can find a great home :heart: Would love to help you - would even take them all, look what I can need of them and distribute the rest further to other people in Lotteries, giveways, RAS, at Meet-ups… whatever I have the chance too :heart:

Thank you so much for thinking of me! :green_heart:

I’m not going going to take any of her cards though because I’m, totally coincidentally, also preparing for a move to another country. :wink:

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Bump, cards still available :wink:

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So tempted to book a Ryanair flight to collect these :rofl:

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It’s like 20+kg of postcards. Bring an empty suitcase or two

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If only I was in Dublin :confused:

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Road trip :slight_smile:

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I know right, so close, yet so far away :sob:

Damn I was up in Dublin last week wish I’d seen this then :pensive:

I am here for another week and a bit. If you decide to do another trip to Dublin let me know :wink:

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Postcards found a new home with a education facility.