IRCs into stamps in France - possible?


I am wondering if people can exchange IRC s ( international reply coupon ) into stamps in France ?

Thank you for the help in advance !

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Have you tried to go to La Poste and ask them? They sells these coupon as well on La Poste as well so you might want to go and ask!

@anon82133396 seems to be in Japan… :sweat_smile:

But you’re in France yourself, right? Maybe you can help by asking this question on your local post office, and see if they can help?

They have to, even if they don’t sell them.

i am in japan and want to send IRCs that i bought in japan to someone in France. is it possible to change them into stamps (french stamps) in France?

thanks in advance!

Moved to #communities:french since this is a country/postal system specific (France - La Poste) question. Thanks.

Maybe someone can help you with asking the question at

En fait tous les bureaux de poste du monde doivent échanger un coupon réponse international contre un timbre valable pour un envoi prioritaire vers le monde entier. Cette règle est écrite dans les règlements de l’U.P.U.
Par contre, seuls certains pays vendent ces coupons.
Il est possible d’en acheter en France via le service philatélique.
En France, il est donc bien possible de faire cet échange coupon/timbre dans n’importe quel bureau de poste (hors agences et relais poste)