International postal telegram and international postal money order

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In Italy today these postal services are still active both nationally and internationally (only some countries). However, I would like to understand, in 2023, if these postal services are still active in other countries and how is the situation internationally.

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I did not think there were telegrams any longer?

I had not heard of an International Money Order, but it seems USA does sell those …

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I had already seen this page on Wikipedia but I wanted to open this topic precisely because I would like to understand based on user experience whether this information is correct or not. For example, on the Poste Italiane website it is written that it is possible to send telegrams to many countries (for example Estonia) which however on Wikipedia are among those in which this postal service is no longer active.

It’s possible that Wikipedia lists those countries where you can, or cannot, send a telegram FROM. So if a person can’t send a telegram FROM Estonia, that doesn’t necessarily mean a person in Italy can’t send a telegram TO Estonia. (It’s much like the current international postal situation; i.e., I can’t currently send postcards to Russia, but I can receive postcards from Russia).

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For your information, here in USA many immigrants use Western Union money orders to send back to their countries. It is far more convenient for them to do that at supermarkets, than going to a Post Office during business hours.

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