International Moving and auto-registering postcards


Several times during my postcossing experience, I’ve received some automatic “hurrays” with the text like “The postcard was automatically registered by postcrossing due to the receiver’s address change”.

So the question is: if I move to the different country for several years (so travel mode is not a choice) and update my address (and country) in the profile, will the postcards traveling to my old address be registered automatically?

Why am I asking about it: I’ll be ABLE to watch my email box (not by myself, but it’s OK) and “receive” and register the postcards if they arrive there. So I don’t wish to set my account to inactive before moving, because I’ll be able to send postcards from the new location and receive postcards sent to BOTH locations… Is it possible?

No, you decide if they should be registered automatically. If you use an option to forward mail to your new home, you don’t need to use that option.


Thank you.

In the past, I spent several months a year in France, and the rest of the time in Italy. I’ve never selected the auto-register option, because I always had someone check my mailbox and send me pictures of the postcards that had arrived, both in France and in Italy. You can do the same. :slight_smile: