Interesting ideas with QR codes on postcards?

Hi everyone! Today I was writing some Christmas postcards for swap and I wanted to include my favorite Christmas song on the card. I thought that I could print off a QR code and stick it on the card, with a link in it to the song. I was thinking of other uses of this, so if anyone has any other cool idea, let me know!
Have a great day!


What a cool idea! :notes:

I’ve sent a birthday song to my cousin this way :smiley:
I also used a binary code to encrypt short wishes, I think is a good idea for someone interested in IT.
Another extraordinary thing: writing in Latin, using eg. Google Translate (hopefully without glaring mistakes…)


This sounds like a really fun way to share social media accounts, videos, and memes! Or you could write longer messages and put the QR code for someone to see their personalized message :heart: :smile:

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