Interest in a Washington DC Fall Meetup?

Hello NA postcrossers!

There was a virtual postcrossing meetup for the midatlantic US region in February, but I haven’t seen anything posted or scheduled beyond that. Is there any interest in doing an in person one, perhaps in early fall? I’d be happy to organize and get things put together if there are any other like minded postcrossers in the region!

There is no shortage of places to meet up in the DC area, get food, hang out, etc. The setting would also be great for some custom meetup postcards! If you’d be interested in attending, helping organize, design, etc., send me a message! Let’s see if we can’t get an event set up!


There is a Mid-Altantic Postcrossers event already set up if you want to join in:
Saturday, May 21, 2022 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

I’m confused by that link- it says 2021 in the title, but 2022 as the date? I’ll definitely check it out if its happening again in 2022, but I’m also curious who may want to attend an in person one later in the year :slight_smile:

I prefer to try and meet in person. i havent participated in any virtual meetups as they usually require some type of homework such as “be prepared to share your …”. Plus they aren’t regional. I guess it would be nice to also have an option to meet and chat without the formalities of zoom which brings back bad memories (for me) of work and isolation. Just my feedback. If it works for the majority and is easier to do I certainly get that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:rofl: You are right. He must have made a mistake when typing it in, and I don’t think anyone else caught it! The date of the virtual meetup is Saturday May 21, 2022. In 2021 May 21 was on a Friday so that wouldn’t even make sense - all the virtual meetups of this group have been on Saturdays.

And there’s no homework, @TwoDoggies - some people will pull out a few cards to share but many just talk from their thoughts about whatever the topic is. But there’s certainly room in this world for both virtual and in-person meetups.

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Thanks for the clarification - I will have to check it out!

I would definitely be interested in a Washington DC in-person meetup this fall :slight_smile:

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Great! Excited to have another person interested!

Just wanted to bump this one more time, see what the interest level was now that fall is nearly upon us! I believe there are four users interested so far!