Insert address button


It would be very helpful if we had a way to insert our address quickly while writing messages. I suppose a lot of people would like to have an “Insert Address” button or function.


Since the new forum launched I always add a picture of my address. Very quick way :wink: And you can design the picture in a nice way! Even add some general things you always end up writing when you arrange a swap. Like your preference (written / unwritten) or things like please let me know once received etc


I like this idea. I usually have all essential info on a OneNote page.

This is a great idea!

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My address is very short. I’m not going to write it out exactly but it looks like this

Name/last name
Street and address number
City, state, Zip code
Country name

So it’s very easy for me to quickly write out my address. I was very surprised when I started postcrossing about just how long the addresses often are lol. My handwriting has since then (it wasn’t very big anyways) gotten smaller