Ingersoll Meetup July 20th 2024

Wonderful lots of room

I have this card available. PM me if you’d like some at the meetup or if you want to swap

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I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it this time around. Shame since I finally got my own stamp made for signing! Have fun everyone!

Hi! I dream of exchanging for this postcard (it can be sent to Belarus via Germany, I checked). I have a large selection of postcards for swap :smiling_face:

Hi LyndaC:
Thank you again for the invite to the Ingersoll Postcrossing Meetup! I’ve been so excited about it and talking non-stop about this since I saw the post and your personal invitation!! I hope there’s still some room for me to attend.
I have since been able to secure the day for the meetup and I will be able stay for a few hours. I know you had also mentioned in your message that it was ok to bring a non-Postcrossing guest. Hopefully it still ok that I do! My mum is interested and is curious to see what the meetup is all about.
If it is ok to do so: Could you please add Charlotte and Betty to your list.

In addition, I am interested in purchasing some of your lovely Ingersoll Postcrossing postcards. I would like to buy 4, if that is available to do so! I know it is quite late.

I wanted to ask about the Lions Den: I noticed that on Google Maps it states that it is “Permanently Closed”. Do you know more information about this, LyndaC? Is it just like only on Google Maps? I know that it isn’t always perfectly updated all the time. Thanks in advance…I was really confused about this.

Charlotte “Snowbird28”

Wonderful that you can join us. Your mom is welcome to come. I have 4 cards for you. There is lots of room at the Lions Club. I think Google puts comments like that on when there is no scheduled opening times. The building is certainly open as the Big Brothers And Big Sisters is upstairs.
See you on Saturday.

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Hi Lynda:
I appreciate you letting me know about the Ingersoll Lions Club. I wasn’t sure when I saw that, so I felt like I should ask just in case. Even though I think I understand Google Maps, I suppose I am still learning these things! It definitely makes sense as to why that is now.
Thank you so much for putting the 4 postcards aside for me (I will attempt to make my own to bring…I hope it looks as nice as yours!)
As this is my first-ever meetup, is there anything else I should know about the Meet-and-Greet ahead of time (other than bringing my own lunch)?


We make new friends and see old ones; we all sign each others cards; we send then to friends and as officials. (there will be about 400 to sign)
We will have a few games to play just to break the ice and to help get to know each other.

We eat, laugh, trade cards, show off some special cards we have received and just have fun.


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This sounds like a wonderful day to spend with everyone. I am very much looking forward to it! Thank you for explaining how the meetups usually go.

I look forward to meeting you. See you on Saturday!


I am asking for a $4.00 donation to cover the cost of the room.

Hi Lynda:
Can do! I’ll bring $8 from both of us.


What a great meet up!! Thanks!!