Info, sending package with USPS

Hello everyone,
I’m writing to ask for some advice about the USPS.

I’m aware this post is not 100% postcrossing related, but I am hoping I can get some help from the Pcrossers of this community, because as it always turns out, Pcrossers tend to be experts in their local postal system :slightly_smiling_face:
However, should the moderators find this post inappropriate or not relevant for this section, I’d appreciate if they could point me to the right direction before removing it.

Back to my original question: which USPS service would you recommend to send a flat package (roughly 16*20 inches) to Europe?
Is there a specific website where I can find more information (about costs, delivery time,…)?
If anyone has ever sent something as a gift, I’d appreciate if they could share their experience: was it reliable? Any specific procedure to be followed?

Thank you very much in advance!

For several reasons, I no longer send packages internationally. But the USPS does have detailed information about sending packages internationally. I am attaching a link which shows the various services. The graphic which shows “Affordable options” are the better choice. Be aware that using these shipping services almost certainly involve a customs form. I hope this helps…

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Whatever or however you are sending to Europe (more than a letter or 1-2 postcards in an envelope), you should to clue “the customs declaration label” on the envelope / package.
There (on the label) have to be written the names of items, the weight and value of your package.
It seems like this (every country has their own, this is ours in Finland):

Otherwise the recipient have to pay extra customs fee before she / he can receive the incoming package from outside of European Union.

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And be ready for sticker shock…its expensive to mail packages overseas


Thank you to everyone who answered!

First class mail is the slowest but most affordable option. My last package (and yes, it is ridiculously expensive to mail) containing gifts is still traveling to its EU destination, but I sent it less than a week ago. Be sure to mark “gift” on the costums form. (Which can also be completed online, but you would still have to drop it off at a post office.)

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