[INFO] new USPS prices starting Jan 24, 2021

The info came out earlier, but didn’t notice until today: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/national-releases/2020/1009-usps-announces-new-prices-for-2021.htm.

  • The new domestic postcard rate (36 cents, +1) also has a nice new set of stamps (barn theme) that I find more appealing than the coral reefs.

  • Additional oz rises to 20 cent with a new surcharge hare stamp (also pretty imho).

  • No changes to international postcard rate and domestic oversized/forever rate.


Thank you for that information! :slight_smile: Yes, I like the barns better too than the coral reefs.


Oh darn, and I have like 90 of the 35 cent combos. I know I can just add a 1c stamp but I kind of hate our 1c stamps. The apples are cool but spending $30 on 1c stamps seems…excessive.

You can get some older ones online. I know my local post office never has the apples…we’ve been using Tiffany lamps. You might be able to find some vintage ones on eBay or other sites. My only other suggestions are using up your stamp combos on 55c or even international instead (postcards and envelopes are the same price internationally, so sending in an envelope would give you more space if you’re not morally opposed to that), OR just sending 90 postcards out before the price change. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I am confused. I thought the postcard stamp was going to be whatever the current rate of postcards was because on the stamp, it’s printed POSTCARD and not 35c. According to the USPS website, it behaves like a forever stamp. So you don’t need to add an additional 1c in the future.

Haha, thank you for the suggestions! I will probably send out as many postcards as I can before the rate change… and then send them them on international as you suggest. I did look up some other 1c stamps, but the cheapest I can find them for is 6c/stamp, which bothers me, but I may go for it just to avoid the detested Tiffany lamps (I have strong feelings; this is my most hated stamp; I have been waiting years for an update, only to be disproportionately disappointed when it doesn’t happen; ironically, I LOVE the art nouveau movement, just not this stamp; doesn’t the USPS care about what they are doing to me; every time I use one I cross my fingers the recipient does not feel about them as I do; melodrama, etc)

@syaffolee, I was referring to 35c combos–two stamps that add up to 35c. Mine are older “vintage” stamps, with gum rather than sticker paper. The forever postcard stamps, which I also enjoy using, won’t need the 1c addition.

@paigeawesome Sorry, I must have misread your post. I thought you were combining the postcard stamps for international postage and not stamps with specific denominations.

I personally don’t have any strong feelings about the 1c stamps so I buy a lot of them at a time to help make up postage when I need to. The only ones I don’t like are the flag stamps–I find them really boring.

I agree, flag stamps are boring too. If I have any on hand, I usually will only use them for paying bills and that kind of thing.

New postcard stamps coming soon. 36¢


Yeah, way prettier than the current coral reef ones …