India penpals!

Hi all
I am interested in chatting to penpals from India! I am planning a trip in about 2 years to the area of Mumbai, Pune and Miraj and would love to know more about the local culture and language before I go. I would love to learn a few words in the local languages so I can understand a bit more while I am there and would love to share recipes!

Im 32F, from Australia, have 2 small children and love to read!

Please let me know if you are interested even if you are from other areas :slight_smile:

Edit. Would still love to reach out to penpals in India to receive postcards

Hello Sammantha, you may have better luck in the penpal section :wink:

Or you can try to contact someone from the official website. You can filter Indian users who are active, interested in direct swaps and from a specific area. You can then order the results by last login, postcards sent…

Good Eve. I’m from Pune. If you do read this & still need a pen pal, please do let me know.