INCOMPLETE - USA, Portland Oregon, November 30,2021

Hi! We can definitely print special cards, I like receiving those.

I may have to push this meeting for a week - my best friend is coming to visit during that weekend. We can meet up at some brewery in Portland - bigger spaces, usually good food. Stormbreaker or 10 barrel?

If there will be special World Postcard Day cards printed for the event, would you like to swap with me? :slight_smile:

Do you have a meeting location yet?

Hi! I just saw this and am interested in going. Any details? thanks!

Any more info on this happening? :slight_smile: :smiley:

I am interested in a meet-up.

I would love to try and get this going for sometime in November! Anyone interested?

I would be! Let me change the details on this event or create a new one

Do you know where to print special cards and how long it would take?

Just saw this. I’m interested!

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I use vistaprint, they usually take a week to arrive.

Anyone planning to attend this meetup?

Any chance of this meet up being rescheduled? Maybe to a Spring 2022 date?

@DrewRaine there is this one set for May in Ridgefield: SW Washington/Portland area Meetup

@jeffweiss thank you! I’ll check that out!

@DrewRaine It would be great to meet you if you can make it. :slight_smile:

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Hi there,
I would love to come. But I have never done a meet up before so this would be my first one. Can you explain to me what and how to do a meet up? I hope to come!

Hi Izzy, the meetup for SW Washington/Portland is on a different forum thread. If you want to read down through the thread, there’s more information about the meetup. I’ll follow up with you next week, and hope to see you on May 21st. Kay

Hi there,
So I guess I was wondering do I bring postcards I collected from different places or blank postcards that have no image on them? I’m reading the chats back and forth and there is a lot of great information but I don’t think this question was answered. And I believe you said the postcard meetup ones were 0.30 or something around that can that be in cash or does it have to be through a online transaction?
Thank you,

Any plan to do another of these? :slight_smile: