Incoming card about


Where can I see the address of a card sender? Or should I ask him?

Help me please…

You would need to ask the member for their address.

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Thank you, but someone to whom I sent my card was able to send me a card again. But he didn’t ask me for an address. @jewelldelis :neutral_face:

@hatcoolina You should ask him how he obtained your address. There is no way to get an address without the member giving it.

Some people save addresses from Round Robins/Tags for future use, too.


okay. Thank you. I don’t know the Rounds Robin/Tag. @jewelldelis

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Are you talking about the official Postcrossing site or about a forum activity?

On the official site, the person sending a card to you gets the address from the system and can of course use it multiple times (for example if the first card did not reach you, somem members choose to send a second card).

You can’t see the address of a sender.

For forum activities, members should only get the address from the host if it is a group exchange (called Round Robin or RR) or from yourself (if it is a direct swap or tag)

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Hello there. This was more revealing thank you.
A member to whom i sent a card from the system sent me a card without asking for my address. So i wondered if there was an address from anywhere. @Wolfsmondfee

Did you write your address in the card?
Because there’s no way to know an address of a card you receive (unless you ask of course).

What I understood from what you told us is (correct if I’m wrong):
.1) you picked a random address from
2) you sent a card to that address
3) that card is received (somewhere in the world)
4) the person that received that card sends a card to you

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Yeah. Exactly this! I didnt write my address. That’s why i was surprised.

Yes, that really sounds a bit strange.

I think, the best way is to contact this member and ask how the know your adress.


Maybe they have multiple profiles and sent you a card before from their second profile. That would explain on how they got your address.


Yeah, that is the only way I can think of, too. If you are maybe uncomfortable sending someone who sent you an unexpected letter a message, @hatcoolina you should contact the administrators using the help/contact function. They should have an inventory of who exactly could have sent you this card through Postcrossing contacts and can help you decide what to do.