Inactivity due to temporary homelessness

Hello Postcrossing, :sparkles:

I’ve been inactive for quite a few months now due to losing my permanent place of residence. In that time, I wasn’t able to log on to my account at all. I was able to recover some of the cards received from November 2021-Current but have no idea if they are all here. Some of my outgoing cards are expired and I suspect they could have possibly never been sent. This is has all been very sudden. I lost much of my life, many of my things have been destroyed. I am thankful my postcard collection is safe. I feel as though I am FINALLY beginning to pull my life together again after months of licking rock bottom. Postcrossing has been such a lovely light in my life, I am thankful that is slowly being restored. However, I did turn my account inactive until I am able to find an apartment/open a PO Box.
Is there any way to view if all the cards sent to me were recieved? Is there anything else I should do?

Thank you!


The only way as far as I know. If they sent you a card and you registered, it’s recieved.

Best thing to do is wait. You could go to the post office and have them forward mail

If you’ve sent a card, it’s sent, but it’s all on the post office of the receiving country.

One present thought of mine is you can fill out your profile description with some of your thoughts. I think if a sender reads that you are weary of expired cards after a certain amount of days, let’s say 40 because I feel it should be delivered normally within this time to please contact you so that you know they have you as a recipient under their transactions. Other than this, you can just keep up the good work, relax a little and focus on resuming your monitoring up to this point and forget anything previous.


You can collect mail from the PO as General Delivery. I lived in AK without a permanent address but picked up at the counter. It’s a free service and is safe. They hold it for you, just show an ID. Ask the counter attendant for info


Once you have settled into a new place and update your postcrossing address on the website, you will have the option to “automatically register all cards travelling to you”. That would keep you out of any debt in regards to registration - but of course you will most likely not have all the physical copies.

Good luck for that!


Well done you for rising up! :two_hearts:


Hi Linsay, welcome back! I’ll follow up with you via email, and we’ll figure something out. :slight_smile: