In ENGLISH - ASK questions and ask for HELP here

This thread is for anyone who wants to ask questions to the Japanese community but does not know the language.
Welcome! :smile_cat:


Hello! Thank you! Nice to meet you. I don’t know Japanese. I want to swap postcards with someone from Japan, if it’s possible.



I used to keep track of Japan Countdown in the old Postcrossing forum.

Since they are moving everything from the old to the new forum. Countdown is now under the respective language section.

Can someone create a new Japan Countdown page?

I would update the old Countdown with the link to the new forum. So, the moderator can close the old countdown.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi, i would love to know whether there is a japanese post crosser community on social media like facebook, line or even instagram. Thank you for dropping the infos if you know something about it.

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I m learning japanese and want to being friends with a japanese girl :upside_down_face:


Dear Japanese Postcrossers I have a question:

Are there any postcards of your imperial family?
I have never seen one in Postcrossing…
And I would love to get a card with Princess Aiko, but I don’t know if one exists.

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Hello Sanra! @Sanra
I think we don’t have cards of them, at least I’ve never seen. I’ve thought of the same thing before, just my curiosity, like a royal family from the u.k. but never.
I even feel like that I don’t want to send a card related to imperial family :sweat_smile:, it’s difficult to explain but somehow that reminds me of “too-much-worship” to them before the war or something like that. Just my opinion though! They’re not celebrity, so it’s almost impossible to find one. About Princess Aiko I will say no you can’t find one :sweat_drops:

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Konnichiwa! Here’s a girl who’d love to be your friend :kissing_heart::two_hearts:


Heyy it sounds good ^-^ I will be happy :))

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That’s sad to hear. Thank you

I wonder if it is hard to buy the postcard/stamp about YUZURU HANYU in Japan > <
For I’m so fascinated with him, and I want to find someone to swap with me. I can offer Disney/ Snoopy official postcard:D
Thank you!

I received this beautiful card, I am curious to know what is written on the front.
Who wants to help me?


EDIT: Thank you, dear Japanese postcrossers, for replying to this request, I close it now. Feb. 23, 2021.

Konnichiwa, dear Japanese postcrossers.

My husband is Russian and has a great interest for Japan due to the fact that he does Karate (Shotokan, brown belt). Also he is a Christian orthodox believer and very much impressed by the life and work of Nikolai Kassatkin, the founder of the orthodox church in Japan.
In Tokyo there is a cathedral named after him (Nikolai-do, address: 4-1-3 Kanda Surugadai, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0062) and I wonder if there are postcards available with a view of Nikolai-do and if someone would do me the big favour and send my husband such a postcard.
Of course I will send something you like in return.
Arigato gozaimasu!

Hello. If you were unable to fill this request , I am able to make a custom commercial-quality print of such postcard scenery and send it from Japan to your husband. Please contact me if it’s still something you need. :slight_smile:


@birdsatemylunch thank you, I sent you a PM.

I would be interested in direct swaps with Japan / Japanese cards. I can also speak/write some Japanese

I really miss the countdowns. :frowning:

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Hi Mashat! How are you doing?
I am busy for taking care of my small garden.
So many flowers are blooming now!
What do you enjoy?

Anybody from Japan who would like to swap with a Dutchie? :slight_smile:

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