Improving the process of uploading image of a postcard

Various modern sites have very convenient mechanism of uploading an image. I find necessary image on any site, press right mouse button, choose “copy image”, then i switch to the place where I upload image and press “paste” or just “ctrl+v”, and confirm the action. And it’s done.

What do we have now: I have to save picture from the internet-shop, then I have to press the button, find the directory with the picture, upload it, then delete it from my pc.

Would be cool to have the same possibility. It’s easier to upload images of sent postcards when you have all these images on the website of an internet-shop.

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Hi, I am all for making the website as easy to use as possible. But may I just throw in my concern that you may be infringing intellectual property rights if you copy and paste images from one website to the other?


No, that violates the copyright! Take a picture of the card yourself and upload your own picture.
The way you suggest eases copyright infringements. That would be the wrong way.


Also many, many online shops either prevent image copying, or only have tiny images to copy or have significant watermarks on their images to protect them.

I think we can handle the workload.


I think the process could be easier if we could drag a picture from a folder on a computer and “throw” it into the special field on the site for automatic uploading, so that we don’t need to search for it in the window after clicking the bottom “Choose the file”.

I just use the app fotoscan, this works perfect for me.

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I think you might be able to! I think I did that once kind of by accident, dragged a file onto the ‘choose file’ field.

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Really? Will try next time. Thank for telling!

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