Improper Postcards in your country

Yes, didn’t want to address it directly but that’s what I’m speaking about.


The post if obligated to deliver everything. There is no sorting centre where someone would sit and decide what will be delivered and what will go to trash.


In Portugal, our snail mail is very tollerant about what can be send/received.
I particularly like nude postcards, because I think it’s beautyful. Some other persons don’t like it, because they’re not evolved yet, but thats normal. Bad thoughts are in the minds of each one. For me, a nude it’s just an image.
However, it’s forbitten to send monney inside envelopes. There are machines that can detect it, and if it does, the letter it’s aprehended in favor of the state. But some can come true. I have already received one.


I work as a mailman here in the Netherlands and I am obligated to deliver anything, with the only exception being mail that looks ‘‘suspicious’’. This usually means mail that is intented to commit fraud, by inpersonating a certain company for instance.

In my 4 years I have had one instance where we got a message from our manager that there was a big batch of mail that was deemed suspicious and we had to remove these envelopes from the mailstream when we came accross them and put them asside for further investigation.

In one other instance I found an envelope from a bank where the logo was very poor quality and it was also marked as underfranked, meaning it was probably just thrown in a postbox. In this case I rang the doorbell and told the occupunt why I thought it might be a scam and that they should be cautious with it.

Other then that, I have delivered every mail item on my route :sunglasses:


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I bought some cards to send to the Ukrainian service men and women which have two, smiling women holding their fingers in a v/peace sign on the beach. Has the all-fingers-out peace sign turned ugly/unacceptable?

Imagine this card was sent to little girls
How can someone made bully card like this

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Apologia of fascism is illegal in Italy as well, but I’m pretty sure I have seen postcards depicting Mussolini in historical context before (maybe from a museum). So I think that if they are historical images it is possible to send such cards.

I would not send erotic postcards without an envelope (well, I would not send erotic postcards at all, but that’s me), but back in the '80 - '90 it was not uncommon to see postcards with topless women at the beach, so really there should be no problem at sending them.

There are no problems in sending cards with seeds, tea or similar. They are permitted items according to our postal service

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anyone! It’s horrible :face_vomiting:


Here’s the proper postcard. No nudity. The wolf is wearing pants.


:joy: @Olegovich

One way to think about Improper mail is to consider consequences for those receiving- I live in Ethiopia where homosexuality is illegal and punished with jail time. Very probable postcards with Pride explicit references (or sexual nature) would get blocked and lead to questions to those receiving. Imagine the same would happen in other countries with same kind of laws, like Uganda (where death penalty is currently being considered for these “crimes”)

By the way, Wednesday is International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia :purple_heart::rainbow_flag:


All of the image that carrying anti-Chinese Communist Party’s ideas would be prohibited by the law.
Hong Kong Government protect freedom of supporting the government only


One day my postcard was returned by the decision of the French customs without specifying the reason .
Maybe the return has something to do with the image of a frog and the playful nickname of the French ?

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I do not have knowledge on legal implications about postcards. However, these themes would be either considered illegal or socially unacceptable In India.

  • Anything insulting Indian symbols - Map, Flag, Constitution, Indian Freedom Fighters, etc
  • Cards insulting any religions
  • Cards depicting nudity and even stuff like kissing (guaranteed to put receiver in embarrassing situation :joy::joy:)

I have always wanted to do this experiment: send a card with a picture of a terrorist along with stamps depicting the destruction of some American institutions (yes, Iran Post has printed such stamps in the past years) and see the reaction of the US Post.


Well my friend, I’d encourage you to send along anything you’d like to me so long as it wasn’t truly rooted in any bad place. Would it make it? Good question :joy:


So let’s do it😃

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Good afternoon. How did the experiment end ? I also tend to be a bully


Haha, France country of freedom to think and insult! there is theory… and practice.

For the Russian postcard refused by the French customs it is surprising, and I do not think that this is a link with a frog image and a pun on the French. Or the customs officer was sensitive!

Like in Germany, Nazi symbolism is prohibited in Austria as well. In historical context it’s fine, so a historical photo would be okay. However just a big swastika flag as the only/main picture on a card would probably be illegal.
Under the same law, other symbolism is forbidden too. The only one I can think of right now is the “wolf greeting” used by the extremist Turkish “Grey Wolves”. It’s far less common though and a fairly new law, so not sure if anybody would even recognize it on first glance. I sure wouldn’t.