Image Upload through direct mobile camera and edit options

When we take the photo directly from camera to upload image it does not allow to edit or crop image. It will be super cool to add this feature as this is available in most of direct upload pics in many other application.

I use mobile app and mobile to acess and many like me will appreciate this.


Totally agree :+1:

I agree, too!

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I do nearly all of Postcrossing on the phone [except now as I write!]
I take the photo [on the phone] and then edit it in the photo app that originally came on the phone. It can be cropped, straightened and vertical and horizontal perspective corrected. Also brightening. There are other apps that you can get that do this too. Then it’s saved to the phone camera roll from which I can then upload the photo directly to the Postcrossing site as I do it all on the phone. I find it very easy. I hope I’ve been able to explain it so that it can become easier for you too.


I use my phone for that too.
I find it much easier than I use to with scanning my postcards, sending it to my email and than upload to my albums or the forum :hugs:

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I use my phone for that too, photoscan app.
If I take the photo on white or some coloured background (like table even), it detects the card shape and I don’t need to crop it, often only rotate, if even that.

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My scan app does allow that and is available for free.

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I take the picture with my phone, edit as necessary, and then upload the result. Don’t most people do that?