Image upload quality


I upload my photos for each postcard. The quality always ends up compressed and bad. Which is strange because the photo I take is high quality. I don’t scan the postcards, only a photo. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Any help is appreciated


The website does not support HR photo
All images are always compressed


All images on the main site are scaled down on purpose.

If the cards in your profile were uploaded by you, than at least here on my screen I see no problem. Quality looks fine.

Maybe you could make the pictures/cards smaller on your own (pixelsize around 350 for the smaller size), then the software doesn’t have to/won’t change the look.

(Of course, the galleries don’t show download-printable versions (per se), otherwise we’d be even more in the copyright-violations-area)

I also photograph my postcards, but then edit for the best looks, and scale the image to 500 pixels on the long side, and make sure the shorter side is at least 300 pixels. I think these are the minimum sizes the system will accept, and images are scaled to fit.

The high resolution needs a lot of space in the memory and that costs a lot of money. I think that is the reason why pictures are always condensed.

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