ID confusion

So I asked Postcrossing to help me figure out who sent me an ID less postcard and they cannot find out who sent me the card. I’m confused because wouldn’t they have a record of who was selected to mail me the postcard since their system set it up? I just joined not too long ago so it’s not like I have many cards sent, I figured they could just review the list of people who got my address.

It could also be a Forum card, from a tag or a lottery, maybe?

It could also be someone outside of Postcrossing, who send you a card, then of course the ID search can’t match.


Even if there are only two cards travelling to you from the same country, there might not be enough information to know for sure which one of them you received.

Maybe another card from the same country arrives soon. Then you can start your enquiry again and the Postcrossing team will most likely find the ID if it is an official card.


Do you have the pic of both sides of the card you received?
or did the card arrive with the sender information?
If so I suggest providing these information, as much as possible when you are contacting the Pc team.
But I dont know if these information really help, in my opinion will it be possible if Pc team will compare the info with the data from the system remains unknown for I lacked such experience.
It’s more ideal they use the address you gave to make comparisons with the data from the system.


You can also try your luck by posting the card in here.
Don’t forget to censor the address and the message but please leave some writings. Maybe someone will recognize the handwritings.

It could definitely be a postcrossing card that someone forgot to write the ID on! I do suggest if you feel comfortable try posting the card in the forum to see if anyone knows who it is from by the front of the card and the handwriting! If you do decide to show the postcard don’t forget to cover / censor the address!

You could leave a small notice on your profile and explain the situation there. Describe the card and state what you know (country, senders name etc.). Maybe you are lucky and the sender reads it and contacts you with the right ID.


Thank you, I hope so.

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That is a great idea! Thank you!

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