I suggest that moderators can register cards

I have cards that expired and the members have not been online for many months. I have sent a card which I have uploaded and they just drop off the system. The postage in this country has gone up again and the cards are not free cards either. It irks me that so many cards just don’t get registered.
There could be a possibility that a moderator can register cards if the member has not come to the Postcrossing site for over 6 months. Maybe with a remark like (registered by postcrossing)?


They already have this option.

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The email says:

Your postcard GB-123456789 to Taiwan was registered by Postcrossing

The postcard GB-123456789 in Taiwan was registered by Postcrossing.

The account of the receiver was closed and for this reason the postcard was automatically registered.

That only applies when the receiving account is actually closed, though - and not just another ghostcrosser’s which would be @Telopea 's suggestion.


I personally don’t see the point. The money is wasted either way.


But they can still do it. They just don’t.


They can when the profile is closed or after an address change. But both require some kind of initiative from the recipient.

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I think the point is that they would be able to receive a card back.


Yes. But I know some people would like to see the card on their wall. (But I suggest taking a photo and keeping it somewhere, like an IG account, flickr etc, so it’s not totally lost (as some people remove the postcard image.)

Out of my expired cards, with recipient not online for months, I still think it’s actually received. So the money is not wasted, they might have even liked the card.


I also try to think that, that it arrived but they didn’t bother registering it. I like the idea that it wasn’t wasted and arrived somewhere, just I don’t know it…


Yes, they could have received the card, I agree. That is why I suggest that after 6 months of not being online moderators could register cards still travelling and they can see that. The cards I send are all uploaded and could have a special note like: registered by postcrossing.


I think that “the system” (moderators, or whoever) should be set up to at least register cards that are getting ready to drop off the site forever (that is, at 12 months), especially if the recipient has been inactive for most or all of that time.
That way, there is a photographic record of the card that the sender mailed off.
Sure, I could save a picture of the card “somewhere”, but it doesn’t mean as much if it isn’t here on my postcrossing wall as a sent card.


I’m new enough that some aspects of postcrossing seem confusing to me, but wouldn’t it make more sense if a name wouldn’t be given to the sender in the first place, if they haven’t been active for months? Please correct me if I’m not understanding this correctly.


If somebody has been inactive for 30 days, their address won’t be given out. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that you get given an address where the person has been inactive for nearly 30 days. You have to hope that they will come back sometime (and many do).


Thanks, Florallle!

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If a member don’t log in for a considerable period of time (say, 3 months), postcrossing admin should register the cards sent to them. Otherwise it will kill the enthusiasm of serious postcrossers. Admin should respect the time, money and effort of the senders. This is no more a cheap hobby for many countrymen. The price of cards and postage has hit the sky in some places.


But after 60 days it’s expired and you get a new address to send to.
I don’t understand the money and time part? It’s gone anyway.

I definitely don’t want my cards registered if they aren’t received in reality. At least not in a way, that it looked like it’s received normally. Maybe a different list for these, if this happens.
If this would be taken to use, I’d be worried someone gets an an address, looking the recipient haven’t been online for two weeks, then they don’t send the card, but wait if they come back, maybe forgetting then, knowing their card will eventually look like sent, but the recipient might be left without a card.
Or new members, someone gets an address for a new member, sender suspects they quit, and don’t send anything at once and forgets to send (doesn’t check they actually are active).


I totally agree especially because of current situation.
Many people salary have been cut because of pandemic, many business have lose their income. And we are still spending our money in this hobby.



The money part I think is:
although you get a new address, the expired card won’t count as a “sent” one.
To enhance your number of sent cards you have to send another card.
In my case this would mean that I then spend €5,= (cards and postage) instead of €2,50 to increase my number of sent cards with 1.


Why should a postcrosser log in if they did not get a card? In some countrise and between some countries the postal system still does not work properly. So maybe you write a card and it ends up in your local sorting center, in your countries international sorting center, in a sorting center in the country of destination or somewhere inbetween. It is not always the addressee…