I received a postcard without an address!

I had the most bizarre occurrence today: A Postcrossing card arrived here (along with 2 others) without any address. There was a Postcard ID and the sender’s name but no addressee name or address – to me or to anyone else. There is no reason the postcard should have left its home country, much less cross a continent and an ocean and make it all the way to my tiny village in the U.S.
(Yes, the good people at Postcrossing will be looking into it and I’ve notified the sender. As soon as I get the person’s address I’ll send it to whomever it was intended. I just wanted to share this interesting event in the life of a Postcrosser.)



Well it is possible the label fell off between the time it got sorted for your mail box at the sorting station & when it arrived in your mail box eh?

It will be interesting to find out who it was sent to.


Uh, that does sound like a fascinating mystery! :thinking::astonished:

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The postcard decided for itself that you were the right and kind person to help it along its journey.
A smart card! :joy:


Not a new case.

Check this one:


Mystery solved. The good people at Postcrossing believe the address had been pasted on and simply fell off in the sorting equipment at my local post office. I’m sure that’s what happened, but I prefer to fantasize about a more romantic explanation (i.e., enchantments and so forth.)


I get so many postcards that the post office often bundles other peoples’ cards with my mail. Maybe the sorting office just thought 'another postcard, must be for @Carmelite '.

I’m sure many postcrossers have that happen!

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Having seen how the post sorting machines mangle stuff here in Australia… I’m often amazed when stuff stuck on the back of my cards is still attached!

It’s why I don’t use washi tape or stickers or fabric… I’ve nothing against them but I don’t want to be responsible for clogging up expensive machinery which then damages other mail.

Last week I got a card, not a postcrossing for sure, with an American address, California. I’m in Singapore. It’s some sort of political propaganda, handwritten, and I suspect the stamp used is internal to the USA. I really can’t imagine what has happened there, did it just fall in a bag and ended up with my mail? I received a bunch of cards that day (after a long time receiving nothing) but none from the USA!

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The wonders of the postal system! :astonished:


Today is the second time in a week that I received a postcard destined for Toronto, but it landed in my mailbox, 80km east of its destination. Different addresses. Different senders.
Very odd … :thinking: