I ordered old stamps from eBay and this is the package they arrived in!

I absolutely love this. I’m keeping the envelope forever.


That’s how the guy I order from on Etsy mails his stamp bundles also. I love it.


Some stamp sellers go all out on this, it’s very fun to receive!


I was disappointed by my latest Ebay stamp purchase (almost all very low denominations). How much of a markup are you folks willing to pay? I’m willing to go with a modest amount, as USPS does charge a “handling” fee, but much more than five cents per stamp on average would be my limit.

I have never paid more than the face value price on eBay for stamps. I buy them all the time and get some good deals. I’d rather do that and get a variety than pay full price at the post office.


This depends on the stamps. How old are they, what denomination, and how much do I like them. I am willing to go a few extra dollars for a book/sheet of 20 stamps for some, but wouldn’t for others.

I have seen a number of listings at or very close to face value.


Just before you posted I bought 100 mixed 20¢ stamps at just under face value to use after July with two Forevers. I find keeping track of lots of various denominations has been confusing.


Very cool!

cool ones!!!

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I apologize since this is a very old post, but I would love the link to those stamps if you are able to dig through your eBay purchases and find them!