I offer stamps, envelopes, postcards from private manufacturers and from Ukrposhta on a military theme

Glory to Ukraine! And Glory to the ZSU warrior, that at this time they give us the opportunity to live !!! Friends, I am ready to offer a large number of official and private issues of stamps, envelopes and postcards dedicated to the war in Ukraine (if desired, I can search for other topics of old issues). Please offer in exchange stamps, envelopes, postcards of public and private issues from around the world that are dedicated to the war in Ukraine. This is my main theme. It is possible to exchange for other topics by mutual agreement - coins and banknotes (only in excellent condition), sports badges, programs of international matches in football, hockey, basketball))) I practically do not sell, but you can always agree)))

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Hello! Wouldn’t it be better to post at “Trades, requests and offers”? I doubt many people, who are not Ukrainians, come here.

I posted it there as well.

You might also get some interest in the Stand With Ukraine forum by posting your note there.

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Sounds great!Which kind of postcard do you interest?Would you like some coin from China? :blush:

Hello! In China, were stamps and envelopes issued, private or public, dedicated to Ukraine? I saw the envelopes in Taiwan, I think there are two, can you have them? I’ll find you a photo…