I haven't received any postcards. What is wrong?

I have sent some post cards. But I have received none. WHat is wrong?

Are you from China? Often times I’ve had experience with sending to China being very slow. But maybe we can do a swap? PM me if your interested but anyway just be patient you will get a card soon I’m sure!

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I just checked your account you’ve been here awhile… when did the card arrive?

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Hi MarieZhang
Message me with your address and I will send you a card. I live in the US and my sent cards take a bit longer now but they are arriving in China.
If you can send me your address in Chinese. Cards arrive better when in Chinese.

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@MarieZhang: Your one postcard was registered at the end of December. Most likely at least one card is traveling your way. Unfortunately, cards to China take a while to arrive, about one month from both Germany and the US. International mail can still be slow between places due to the pandemic.
Be patient and your mailbox will fill shortly!

Did you give your address also in Chinese characters? Cards tend to go a bit faster because transcription is not necessary then.

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Thank you for your respond😀


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很有可能是地址出了问题,一定要记得写邮政编码 ,不然快递员看不懂英语就很有可能送不到


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Hey guys I have received two postcards. Thanks for your responds.

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Will my address be drawn only if my next postcard is received? I’m curious.