I have an old Postcrossing account from 2006, but couldn't remember the login

As the title says, I had a Postcrossing account a good 15 years ago, but went entirely inactive after being pretty active for awhile. I tried to recover the account before creating this one to no avail. I definitely sent and received postcards that were registered with the system. I since have moved house but live in the same town. During the move I got rid of all those old postcards except one. So, I have a single postcard remaining from that time that has a Postcrossing ID on it that got registered.

I cannot remember what email account I used. I have access to some of the email accounts I used back then, but not to others. The email accounts I still have from back then do not have any old emails from Postcrossing, so I suspect I used the account I don’t have access to any more.

With the information I have, is there any chance I could recover and merge the old account with this one? It isn’t terribly important for me to do so, but if it is a straightforward thing to do, I’d love to have some continuity with what I once had here.

Thanks for reading through all this!

Hello @Yakityak
Welcome back to postcrossing.

Please contact the support about that :arrow_right: Contact us
If there is a way to find your old account, you will be helped there.


First of all I would lookup the postcard with ID

Just put the ID at the end of this url:

with Countrycode the “-” and the number

for example like this

then you will see your accountname as receiver, as long it is not closed.


Thank you so much! I did as you suggested and my old account was indeed closed, as was the sender’s. So I will contact support about it as per the recommendation above. I really appreciate the help!

As far as I know, closed accounts cannot be reopened, but you can still ask.


Ah well. It really isn’t terribly important, but it sure would be neat if it could be done. I sent the inquiry and will wait to see what happens. I suspect I am reusing my old account name, actually. This is my go-to for this sort of thing since… well, forever. Thanks for the help and the info.

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I had roughly the same problem, with 51 postcards in my old account!!!
I contacted the admins, and the answer they gave me is once the account is deleted it is gone forever. I still have the postcards and have checked the IDs. They are still listed, but all the info you get in the senders’ profiles is Account Closed or something similar.
As you said, it isn’t something terribly important. I would simply let it stay. Or you can do like me: write the ID in your profile in case by some lucky strike the sender sees it. I don’t think that’s very likely to happen, anyway, and of course you would not have the accounts merged, so it would be just for sentimental reasons.
Good luck anyway :slight_smile:

Thank you for the lovely reply. My situation is as yours. My account was deleted. I only have the one postcard, and the sender of the postcard also had their account deleted. So there is no point in listing it even. It’s a lovely little card of a famous pianist, sent to me by a little boy in Finland who must now be a grown man. So strange to think of it that way.

All the best to you.