I have a problem displaying the sent/received/traveling sites

I’m not sure what happened since yesterday, but I don’t have access to the SENT/RECEIVED and TRAVELING sections of my account anymore. Whenever I try to get access I only get this display:

The other menus like WALL and STATS work perfectly well. What might be the problem?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Disabled Javascript would cause this, but in that case you should also see a notice about that at the top.

Did you add/update any browser addon/extension/plugin recently that may be blocking something?

If you know how to, it would help checking the browser console for any errors showing in there.

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Hello Paulo,

thanks a lot for your quick reply!

It appears that my antiviral program did something lately, or else it has to do with Firefox (I don’t know how to check the browser console…). I just tried a different browser, and there the display worked properly. I’ll have to use Microsoft Edge then until a computer savvy friend will drop by who can help me with fixing Firefox…

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


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