I drew the address of someone who says not to send them any postcards right now?

Hi, I’m kind of at a loss of what to do here. I drew the address of someone who on their profile say they don’t have a fixed address as they are probably moving and so not to send them any postcards right now. I’m not sure why I was still able to get this address. What should I do?


It seems that this user haven’t set the profile on inactive what one should do in that case.

Please contact the support about this Contact us


I would hold off for a bit. You get 60 days before it expires. Then after the expiration period begins, as to register it, you have a whole year from the date you were given the address. So, have patience. A lot of Postcrossers have no patience. Then they run to the board screaming “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!” I can understand a lot of confusion also arises mostly from those who don’t use English as a first language. Don’t worry. There is no postcrossing police coming to your house asking why you didn’t send the card.

Yes the rule is request an address and send a card. Since this member is waiting to update an address due to their move I would wait just a little bit.

Another option would be, send a direct message. You can say something like hello, I just drew your address but you have written in your profile that you won’t be receiving cards while you are moving. Can you please let me know when you are ready to receive. Then, wait. Check in a few weeks later. My suggestion.


The only thing you need to do is send message to admin team and report about the situation. Admin will take action.


Yes, maybe they already have moved and have the address, but forgot to update their profile.


But how will the OP get the new address? They need to contact admin, either to be sent an updated address once it’s available, or some other option that admin will decide on.


The address on the card page updates automatically. :slight_smile:


Oh does it? That’s interesting.

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This problem has nothing to do with Patience or Impatience.
If the recipient is moved he/she has to update his profile with the new address.
If he/she has no address at the moment, the account has to set on inactive.
If both does not happen, the support must be notified.
Otherwise, more and more users may receive the wrong address.

@Debaser Have you inform the support already?


Yes I contacted support and they are looking into it.


I did not mean to seem like I was “screaming the sky is falling” I just wanted to see if anyone on the forum would know what I should do.


You didn’t seem like you were panicking at all. It was a genuine question and I agree with contacting admin. Waiting months to send a postcard to a new address slows down the chain and puts the burden on you to keep checking in to get updates. The recipient should deactivate the account while between addresses.


I think many users ignore the possibility of setting their accounts inactive. I wonder if it would be a good idea to send a mail before summer (I think that is the most popular vacation season, although I might be mistaken) at least to the new accounts information both of the inactive and the travel options.