I don’t like my username

what to do if you have changed your name 3 times and would prefer another one?

You’ve sent 0 and received 0 and are already trying to get your 4th username?

Best bet might be to create a new account since you won’t be losing a lot of stats. Would be different if you had a few hundred cards sent.


but there are some on the way! and unfortunately I always have problems making up my mind :pensive:

It might be best to set the account inactive until all the cards you sent has arrived, and then delete it and make a new account (or wait until you have received your cards too if you don’t want to lose on exchange), if you really want to change your name more than three times. However I am not sure if it is good idea to constantly delete and make new accounts, in case you end up changing your mind even more times.

You could use the waiting time to run out a questionnaire / brainstorming meeting with friends and family to find out a name you can live with longer. My first internet name was given to me by friend because I couldn’t decide by myself.


If I was here for just 6 weeks and have already changed my username thrice, then I would stick to the current one and get used to it. For if three changes are not enough, then even hundred would not be sufficient either, I think.


To be honest I didn’t even know you could change your username until this morning when I noticed someone in the tags who had done just that. Changed it to a brilliant username by the way. They’ve been here a while and now they’ve changed it.
So, what I’m trying to say is, maybe what you need is more time. Use this account to kind of get a feeling of Postcrossing and when it feels right, and you still want to change your username, and you have found a great new username, possibly make a new account.


You’ve never sent nor received any cards (yes I’ve read that some are Traveling), you haven’t filled out a profile but already changed your username three times? :thinking:

Don’t you think you should take some time to make thoughts what you expect from this site, if it’s really that what you want, read all the FAQ, etc. and the you choose a cool name (btw. I think your name Is totally okay) which has a meaning for you.

And then - restart. With the same account. Fill out your profile. Aaaand - have a lot of fun :two_hearts:


That sounds like a good idea to me and maybe then @anon6219701 can contact the support via Contact us and ask there for another namechange, so a new account would not be necessary.


I’ll do that, thank you


I would keep the name until I have THE idea for the perfect name.
You could take it as a lesson of “How To Make Decisions”.
There are more impotant things in postcrossing than “the perfect username”, and Tinkerbell I suppose is not THAT bad.


As a new member with zero exchanges we would be hesitant in changing the name change allowance.

As others have said use it for a while. Don’t make a new account as that just muddies the waters and defeats the setting we have in place for 3 membername changes. We do tell you on the membername page how many of your allowance you have left.