I can't find messages help please

Hello Everyone,

I’m having problems finding messages that people send me privately, for example i did a Tag and the person sent me their address but i cant find their message in postcrossing only on my emails that postcrossing send me. Also i have noticed that people have messaged me to direct swap and i cant find their messages either. Any ideas why??

If you click on your avatar at the top right there is a drop down menu. The envelope is where your messages are hiding.

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Are you able to see this on your end?

When in there you can also click through sent and archived to see if they are there.

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If these emails were sent via the forum, other people’s instructions about the top right dropdown with your avatar apply!

If they were sent to your Postcrossing profile, and arrived in your email as being from no-reply@postcrossing.com, then they aren’t stored anywhere. They’re sent to your email and then deleted from the server. So perhaps in some cases that’s causing the confusion?


Thank you i didn’t know that, that might explain the direct swap messages going missing,

Thank you but some of mybtag messages arent there :thinking: its confusing a bit. Os it possible to search for messages youve sent people? Do messages delete after a certain time?

Messages cannot be deleted. But when you go to all of your messages by clicking on

or by double-clicking the envelope symbol

then you are directed to your inbox. If you have sent a message and haven’t received a reply to it, then it won’t be in your inbox and only in your sent messages which you have to select with the drop-down menu.
It looks like this on my phone:


Yes, you can search your messages- I find it is easier to do on a phone. When you are in your messages and go to the search icon, there is a box you can check for in your messages and then it will look up only keywords in your messages.

Any actual “tags” would be in the notifications/under the bell icon.

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Hi All, i think i have it figured out. People were messaging me on the main page and not in the forum if that makes sense. So if you message me directly on the main page it wont show up in my forum messages only to my emails. I hope thats what it happening :thinking:


That would be correct. It’s a very strange system that your messages only exist in your email but you have to go on the site to send a message.

Yes, it takes a bit of getting used to, but in every message you get from the main page there is a Reply button for quick replies. And you can have a copy of your reply sent back to your mail account.

Yes. I was more thinking it was strange that it all takes place through email. I can’t figure out why.