I can no longer see the messages in my thread


when I try opening this tread I can see there are messages but evertthing is blank

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Have you tried re-starting your computer? It might reset something

It’s not the computer cause I don’t see it either

It seems that there is a faulty code.

Can you please have a look to this.

I also am not able to see replies in messages, I received a message from postcardssend but I can not see what she replied

I fixed it. But maybe you can delete the latest reply (I’ve already flagged it for public address posting)

If this happens to you (and your post is the last one), you may enter safe mode and look at your last message. Delete everything that looks like code.



Thank you @Cassiopheia
I will delete the post with the address completely.

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I have the same issue with messages now. When people reply I can no longer see what they have written, neither do they, do you know whats going on?

Try the URL I posted above and navigate to the PM or Topic. Go on edit at the last post. You will probably see parts of code before or after your actual message. Delete that and save the edit. It should work normal again afterwards.